3 simple DIY bathroom updates with high impact

(BPT) – Bathrooms are consistently at the top of home improvement wish lists, where they often remain due to the misconception that updating the space requires a full remodel. The truth is that anyone can elevate their current bathroom with some strategic updates that provide impressive results with no demolition necessary.

These three updates are cost-effective and simple for any DIYer to complete:

Mirror upgrade

When it comes to visual real estate in a bathroom, the mirror is front and center. This functional focal point is also a simple upgrade opportunity with surprising impact. Taking out a dated mirror or bland frameless builder-grade model can instantly uplift the room, not to mention make it easier for you to complete important grooming tasks. Plus, a new mirror often makes a room feel larger, a welcome visual effect.

For example, the Kohler Essential Mirrors collection adds sophistication to any bathroom. Crafted specifically for high-moisture environments with thick, anodized frames, each mirror is engineered to withstand corrosion over time. Built-in hardware allows for easy horizontal or vertical installation. Choose from three timeless shapes: round, capsule and rectangle, all available in black, brushed gold, brushed nickel and polished chrome finishes. The result: a sleek aesthetic that transforms the space.

Showerhead replacement

Taking a shower is something millions of Americans do every day. Beyond getting clean, a shower is also a reprieve, offering a space of calm and solitude. Whether it’s to wake up for a productive day or relax before sleep, a shower helps you to be at your best. That’s why updating your showerhead for optimum function and style is a worthwhile DIY project.

A new showerhead enhances the space visually and functionally. Many modern options are available to suite your taste, from gentle rainfall varieties and shower panels to multi-setting handhelds and even dual showerheads. Whether you want an invigorating shower or a relaxing soak, you can select the option that’s right for you. Plus, when you coordinate the metal finish with other fixtures in the bathroom, you’ll achieve a cohesive look you’ll love.

Style transformation

To breathe new life into a dated bathroom, new paint is a must. Painting the walls is an affordable DIY project to transform the bathroom quickly in a fresh hue. When in doubt, natural colors are ideal for the bathroom because they add timeless appeal and a clean look. Whites, beiges and light grays are all on trend and reflect light well, conveying a spa-like atmosphere.

Next, elevate the space with accessories. New hardware in a modern finish is a simple way to update the vanity. Kohler Bente accessories for countertop organization eliminate clutter and add a refreshed appearance. Don’t forget towel hangers and robe hooks, too. Whether you opt to match finishes in accessories or blend complementing materials, these extras are the final touch in polishing your bathroom update.

Updating a bathroom doesn’t require demolition. These simple DIY projects will help elevate the space so you can enjoy the transformation quickly. For more inspiration, visit Kohler.com.