4 Tips to Pull Together a Garden-to-Table Meal This Summer

(BPT) – The summer season is the best time for enjoying the garden you’ve worked so hard on throughout the spring months. As the flowers bloom, the herbs mature, and the vegetables ripen, it’s time to celebrate all your hard work with a garden-to-table meal.

Chris Lambton, garden and yard care expert, suggests letting the bounty of your yard inspire a summer party.

“Invite some good friends and just let the blooms, herbs, produce, and outdoor setting guide you,” Lambton says. “When you let your yard and garden take center stage, the possibilities really start to emerge.”

To help inspire you, Lambton shares his ideas on how to bring fullness and life to your garden-to-table gathering.

Play around with the party theme — like a pizza garden party

What makes homemade pizza taste even better? When it’s topped with fresh ingredients grown in your garden! Make it memorable by setting out personal-sized pizza dough so your friends can customize their own. Include plenty of garden goodies, like freshly-sliced tomatoes and eggplant, basil, and chopped peppers and onions, along with some artisanal meats and cheeses. Summit Knives are great for preparing this part of the meal, as their pinch grip design guides your hand into the ultimate cutting position each time. After adding the toppings, it’s time to pop it in the oven. Use a tool like the Fiskars Non-scratch Kitchen Shears to cut the final result; its handle keeps your hand away from the hot dish and won’t scratch the cutting surface.

Refresh your summer cocktail recipe with garden herbs

Herb-infused cocktails like juleps and mojitos are not only delicious, but the herb leaves also give off a refreshing fragrance when they’re freshly snipped from your garden. Make sure to harvest their delicate leaves properly, so you can enjoy their bounty all summer long. The Non-stick Softgrip Micro-Tip Pruning Snips allow you to make precise trims on these smaller plants and they won’t jam from sticky resin. If you have leftover leaves, don’t toss them. Instead, use them to make herb-infused ice cubes; these can make cold summer drinks extra flavorful and refreshing.

Adorn the table with beautiful blooms

A centerpiece of colorful flowers is the perfect décor accent to a garden-to-table meal. After choosing your favorite blooms, look around your yard for additional texture to add to your table that will command attention. Opt for slender branches with leaves, smaller blooms, berry stalks and grasses. Before placing the stems and branches in water, remove excess leaves and snip the bottoms at a 45-degree angle to keep the bouquet looking fresh and healthy. Use a tool that is powerful enough to make a clean slice through tough woody stems, like a Fiskars pruner.

Let nature inspire your table design

A great party always features thoughtful design that sets the mood. Whatever you create, Lambton recommends using quality scissors like the iconic Fiskars scissors. They’re comfortable to use and have blades that cut all the way to the tip, making crisp corner cuts and curves a cinch. To complete the look, add a homemade felt runner with a personalized design and colors that complement the outdoors and tie the table together. Try crafting customized place settings and trendy succulent napkin rings for a stylistic touch!

Given the countless hours spent planning and planting your garden, it’s equally important to enjoy the creations from your harvest. A freshly cooked garden-to-table meal and a summer-inspired tablescape are the perfect way to celebrate.