5 helpers for hassle-free holiday hosting

(BPT) – While hosting the holidays can be a nerve-wracking experience, it doesn’t have to completely derail the rest of the joy of the season. The truth is even the most veteran holiday hosts feel some anxiety leading up to the big day. There’s a ton to do and remembering it all can be hard. To simplify your life and your holidays, renowned interior designer Nate Berkus offers his best tips for entertaining with style.

Make sure your kitchen is ready

Without fail your kitchen becomes command central, and the No. 1 place guests like to congregate. Fact. Embrace it, and use your kitchen island to set up snacks, a bar and add extra seating. You want people to feel at home, especially during the holidays.

Be ready with a pre-stocked bar

As host, you want to make sure you get to enjoy the party along with your guests. Get ahead of things by making sure your bar is fully stocked, and making a pre-mixed pitcher of your go-to holiday cocktail. Have your hors d’oeuvres ready to go and make sure you have enough ice — with LG’s SmartThinQ technology, you can have your fridge make ice from your smartphone, for extra easy party prep.

Create an impressive tablescape

Stick to a neutral color scheme, even during the holidays. Then add in metallic accents for some extra shine; brass candleholders and napkin rings will instantly up the ante. You can also pull in greenery from your garden and finish off your tablescape with candles. Finally, make sure your table linens are fresh, pressed and ready to go. With the LG Styler you can hang your items (from linens to favorite holiday sweaters) and have them steamed and refreshed, in just 20 minutes.

Mix up the seating chart

Have fun with your seating chart. You want guests to get to know each other and spark unexpected connections. It can put people out of their comfort zone, so be mindful of who you bring together, and try to seat guests next to someone you know will share common interests. Use a super chic place card at each setting to finish off the tablescape.

Take something home

Send your guests home with a small reminder from the evening. If it’s a sit-down dinner, it could be their place card setting. It will serve as a sweet memento from the gathering.