5 summer paint projects to create a splash

(BPT) – With the arrival of warm summer temperatures, it’s time to brighten the home with sensational summer shades. And it’s easy to add a pop of vibrant color with the help from the experts at Krylon spray paint.

“Painting is a project that even a first time DIYer can feel confident doing,” says DIY expert, Mark Clement of MyFixitUpLife. “And with the right spray paint, you can revive and refresh items you already have to achieve results that look like they were done by a professional.”

These five simple summer projects are sure to make a splash.

Marvelous mailbox

It’s one of the first things guests see as they arrive at your home, and one of the last things they’ll often focus on – the mailbox. If your mailbox is showing rust or the paint is peeling off the post, it’s time for an update. Whether your box is made of metal, wood or plastic, you can rest assured that you’ll achieve superior results with Krylon’s Dual Superbond Paint + Primer spray paint. The proprietary formula offers a high-adhesion, specialty primer that ensures top performance even on hard-to-adhere surfaces such as plastics, laminates and melamine, as well as other commonly painted surfaces. Plus, it offers corrosion resistance, so your mailbox update looks good now and for seasons to come.

Pretty patios

Summer also means picnics on the patio. And luckily you don’t need to buy new furniture to make your outdoor space look new. Instead, breathe life into your existing wood, metal or plastic furniture with a fresh coat of Dual Superbond spray paint. With dozens of colors from which to choose, you can create a stylish new look that will also hold up to the outdoor elements.

“And don’t stop with your table and chairs – add pops of color to other outdoor accents, such as flower pots and centerpieces,” adds Theresa Clement of MyFixitUpLife. Spray paint even works on faded cloth items such as umbrellas, pillows and seat cushions. Soon you’ll have a pretty patio that will be the envy of the neighborhood.

Gorgeous grills

By nature of their use, grills and fire pits get dirty quickly. But they can easily achieve a makeover with spray paint. Be sure to choose a product, such as Krylon’s High Heat Max which can withstand extreme temperature swings of up to 1,200 F. It delivers maximum rust resistance in three contemporary and stylish finishes, so you won’t just protect the grill, you’ll keep it looking designer-beautiful all year long.

Sassy shelves

While the warm weather offers a variety of new activities, it also means more stuff needing to be stored. To keep the garage looking a bit more organized, shelves are an excellent spot to house anything from watering cans to soccer balls. No need to buy new – an old microwave cart or plastic shelves can easily be painted and repurposed to create instant organization. Start by cleaning the surfaces and then paint them with Dual Superbond to achieve a finished look. Soon you’ll have some sassy-looking shelves that will add some garage organization sanity.

Tricked out toys

Have the kids’ toys seen better days? Or does the hand-me-down pink bike now need to look a bit boyish? Spray paint to the rescue. With a few coats of paint, you can transform your bike from bleak to chic instantly. For a unique finish that adds just a bit of sparkle, try Krylon’s new Shimmer Metallic. Available in nine stunning shades, it creates a durable finish similar to an automotive finish for tricked out toys sure to excite the kiddos.

Who knew that it could be as simple as grabbing a few cans of spray paint to brighten your surroundings and your mood? For more information on Krylon products or to see Mark and Theresa in action in the Krylon Spraydown webisodes, visit www.krylon.com.