5 tips to help party guests feel welcome

(BPT) – At this time of year there is plenty to celebrate, and any celebration is best done with a collection of your closest friends. So, who’s up for a party? You are. Your house is ready, the food is prepped and your guests should be showing up any minute. When they do, you want them to have the best time possible and that starts by making them feel comfortable.

To that end, here are five ways you can make your party guests feel welcome right from the first knock on the door.

* Be there to greet them. As your party gets going no one can blame you for wanting to just put a “come on in” sign on your front door. However, resolving to stay near the door and welcome each of your guests warmly is still a nice touch. Even the biggest sign can’t replace a warm greeting from the hosts.

* Keep your home comfortable. With so many extra people in your home you’ll need the right air conditioner to keep all your guests feeling comfortable. The Champion Momentum Series air conditioner features a Wi-Fi-enabled touch-screen to provide precision comfort and allow you the ability to monitor and control the system from your smartphone, even out by the grill. In addition, its innovative ShadowDrive Sound Reduction system means that your guests will be able to enjoy their conversations without being drowned out by the noise of your air conditioner, ensuring this essential system is seldom heard but always enjoyed.

* Give them a quick tour. This doesn’t have to be comprehensive — and you may have rooms that aren’t show worthy right now — but give your guests a quick tour of every room where the party will be taking place. If your guests see the room on the tour, they’ll be more comfortable mingling in that space during the party without feeling like they are intruding.

* Avoid over cleaning. You want your home to look like a tidy, lived-in home, not a museum, so make it clean but not spick-and-span. A house that is too clean will make guests nervous to move about for fear of dirtying something. And then, once the party is going, keep your in-party cleaning to a minimum. It’s a party after all, and your friends came to see you, not watch you clean.

* Don’t be afraid to make some introductions. If you’re hosting a party where most of the guest list does not know one another, your guests are apt to congregate in small bubbles with the people they do know. To break the cycle, don’t be afraid to step in and make some introductions. Do this early in the party and you won’t have to feel like you need to hover all evening to ensure everyone is having a good time.

Make your next party better for all your guests today

From a personal hello at the door to a quick tour of the house and a few introductions, there are plenty of things you can do to make your guests feel welcome in your home. Create a comfortable environment where they will have a good time and you’ll see your guests jumping to attend each and every one of your future parties.