5 tips to keep vintage clothing fresh anytime

(BPT) – Vintage clothing, while beautiful and unique, can be tricky to take care of. No one knows how to properly take care of these delicate items better than luxury vintage clothing retailer, What Goes Around Comes Around. Below you will find simple ways their team keeps clothing in the top condition that it deserves:

1. Wear layers: With packed schedules and hectic work days, you often end up wearing the same thing from the office to your evening plans. To ensure garments stay fresh and odorless during those long days (and nights!), try layering your vintage pieces over camis and slips.

2. Try gentle steaming: Should you need to do a quick outfit change during the day, try this: instead of spending hours steaming your clothes or racking up the dry-cleaning bills, consider LG Styler — an at-home steam closet that reduces light wrinkles and odors, and sanitizes fabric items in 20 minutes with the gentle power of steam — no chemicals!

3. Line your pockets: An industry-insider tip is to keep dryer sheets inside the pockets of your vintage jackets, denim and pants. This will keep your clothes smelling fresh throughout your busy day.

4. Read the labels: Always pay attention to the care instructions of your clothing. Many delicates call for dry-cleaning or hand-wash only — especially cherished vintage denim, which should be kept chemical free, and rarely (if ever) washed. LG Styler is a great option to care for these garments that you don’t want to risk dry-cleaning or washing on your own. This system is gentle on clothes and chemical-free to ensure your items won’t tarnish.

5. Store neatly: Store handbags and shoes in dust bags, fold sweaters neatly on a shelf or in a drawer and bring lesser worn items out to refresh every few months.