5 tips to plan the perfect game day

(BPT) – You’ve waited all summer for this but now it’s finally here again — the sports season trifecta. That’s right, football season, post-season baseball, the return of hockey and new professional and college basketball seasons on the horizon are all happening at once. It’s a sports-lover’s dream and for you there’s no better way to spend the upcoming weekends than at home watching your favorite team play. But is the environment in which you and your friends enjoy the game up to the level of the event itself? If it isn’t, consider these five tips to up your in-home game-day experience this year:

* Get creative with your seating. Chairs around the television set is amateur stuff. This year give your home that true game-day feel by setting up designated seating for your friends based on team affiliation. You can also build a simple stage to create a stadium seating environment, perfect for rooms that are deeper than they are wide. Add plenty of table space to place food and drinks and your viewing room will be perfectly suited for game day.

* Upgrade your viewing experience. Watching games at home is hotter than ever because of the experience a top television provides. If you don’t have one, then make a new TV your first round pick this year. The LG 2018 OLED TV lineup features sophisticated designs and super brain power to complement its stunning picture quality. With an Alpha 9 intelligent processor — LG’s most powerful ever — LG’s OLED AI provides true-to-life images coupled with rich colors, sharpness and depth. Even more, these TVs are smart! They have LG’s ThinQ technology, Google Assistant built right in and are also compatible with Amazon Alexa so you can use voice commands to control TV functions, search for content or tap other connected IoT devices like lights, robo-vacs and a lot more all from the comfort of your couch. Don’t want to wait for the ticker to get updated on other game scores? Ask the TV and it will update you immediately without you missing a second of your game. The LG Super UHD lineup also offers some of the best televisions available with screen sizes from 49 to a stunning 86 inches and superior viewing angles for your ticket to the best seat away from the game.

* Focus on food. Having tables ready to hold food is a great first step but now what food will you place on them? Instead of game-day mainstays this year, opt for healthier choices that don’t sacrifice on taste. Bake your chicken wings instead of frying them and enjoy potato skins made with sweet potatoes instead of conventional ones. Subtle choices like these will allow you to enjoy all the game-day staples in a healthy, delicious fashion.

* Set a game within the game. A little multi-tasking on game day can be fun. If you play in a fantasy league you’re probably already invested in the performance of certain players, but you can make the entire game more interesting by challenging your friends to guess the score at the end of each quarter or challenge your friends to competitions based on team stats that you all can follow throughout the game.

* Have plans for halftime. Halftime, the 7th inning stretch, and the break between periods is normally downtime, so put a little excitement into it. Plan a mini game to take place during halftime, get new food from the kitchen or simply go outside and throw a football around for a while. Any of these activities will keep you in the spirit of the game and get you ready to go for the second half.

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