6 reasons to add hydrotherapy to your self-care routine

(BPT) – Unwind, relax and rejuvenate — these are the words associated with enjoying a warm bath. Bathing is an indulgence that has remained popular for centuries and is especially important today as you work to find balance in a fast-paced lifestyle.

Hydrotherapy provides the perfect solution with innumerable benefits in self-care, wellness and general de-stressing. Here are some of the main benefits:

Boost your immune system

Hydrotherapy helps increase blood flow and the circulation of white blood cells around the body. This assists your immune system in collecting and removing unwanted materials from the body, which strengthens your immune system to fight colds, the flu and other illnesses.

Reduce tension and relieve pain

The weightlessness you experience in water helps relieve tension in your arms, legs and back, soothing aching muscles and easing movement. Hydrotherapy also stimulates endorphin release, which helps relieve pain naturally and reduce muscle soreness. It’s also a great way to recover after a tough workout or a stressful day. Many newer bathtubs feature pain-relieving technology, like Kohler Heated BubbleMassage, which produces a massaging effect and consistently delivers warm bubbles to slow down the cooling process of the water.

Breathe easy and de-stress

Immersing yourself in warm water helps open your chest, increasing your lung capacity and oxygen intake. Your heart beats faster and the steam from the water clears your sinuses. Taking deep, slow breaths calms your body and helps you relax, relieving your mind and body from stress. Steam from a hot bath also works wonders for cold and flu symptoms like congestion and coughing. It gets the blood vessels in your face and nose moving and loosens any mucus blockage.

Balance your hormones

Hydrotherapy can be helpful for some chronic conditions. Bathing in cooler temperatures helps balance hormones released by the pituitary gland while warm water bathing can increase serotonin levels, the brain chemical associated with happiness and well-being.

Regulate your body temperature

There’s nothing better than stepping into a warm tub on a cold winter day. Alternatively, jumping into a pool of cool water on a hot, sticky day is just as refreshing. Adjust your bath temperature according to the season to get your body temperature back to a comfortable place.

Improve your sleep quality

For optimal sleep, many sleep experts recommend setting your bedroom temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. But a hot bath before bed can yield similar results. At night, your body temperature drops naturally to signal the production of melatonin, the sleeping hormone. Soaking in a warm bath will raise your body temperature, and exiting will more rapidly cool it down, better preparing you for a good night’s rest.

Enjoy these health and wellness benefits by adding hydrotherapy to your self-care routine. To learn more, visit Kohler.com.