Affordable mini makeovers for the holidays

(ARA) – The season for indoor gatherings has arrived and everyone is looking for ways to bring the excitement into their homes. With tighter budgets available for remodeling, choosing paint for your mini-make over projects may be the smartest way to “go new.”

Here are the top ways you can mini-makeover your kitchen:

* Refinish countertops: An overwhelming percentage of U.S. homeowners want granite tops because of their natural elegance, but unfortunately, the huge remodeling commitment and high price for granite results in buyer hesitation. Now you can paint over your outdated countertops with granite paint. Giani Granite provides countertop paint kits that include everything you need to refinish your counters, reviving your outdated kitchen.

* Paint stainless: Old and outdated appliances are a large eyesore for many kitchens, but buying new is often financially difficult. For those stuck in a pinch, try paint. Thomas’ Liquid Stainless Steel is made with 100 percent stainless steel in an automotive grade, clear resin. You no longer need to replace refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and cabinet hardware with expensive new stainless steel to have a modern look. Find stainless steel paint options at

* Paint cabinets and trim: New touches to your kitchen can be applied with finishing paint on dingy cabinets, shelving, doors, trim and woodwork. Painting over outdated polyurethane and varnish surfaces is now possible without using a primer. Using a tough yet smooth finishing paint is especially important for these smaller – often overlooked – accents that make or break the final look of a kitchen.

* Floor finishing: Cork and plywood flooring are inexpensive options and can be cut for a tiled or plank look. These low-cost flooring alternatives offer plenty of personalization options such as painting, staining, whitewashing, stenciling or simply coating with polyurethane to make the floor unique in your home.

Using mini-makeover paint tips to update and change the looks of your home will have your seasonal guests oohing and awing over how great it looks.