Bathroom luxuries: 6 delights to take your bath from lax to luxe

(BPT) – The bathroom doesn’t have to be basic. Thanks to a wide array of new products on the market – and plenty of ways to customize – even the most outdated bathrooms can become an oasis of tranquility and a lavish retreat away from the stresses of everyday life. Here are six ideas for transforming your bathroom into a luxurious spa-like space.

Beautiful bathtubs

What could be more relaxing than a bubble bath? While some people still enjoy a whirlpool tub, freestanding tubs are growing in popularity, creating a stylish focal point in the master bathroom. Freestanding tub-filler faucets add the perfect finishing touch. Whether your taste is traditional or modern, Moen offers an array of options to accommodate any style preference. Featuring an exquisite hand shower with an antique design, the Moen Weymouth freestanding tub-filler includes cross handles with elaborate porcelain inlays. For a more modern take on the freestanding tub-filler faucet, the Arris model offers distinctive styling with crisp, cylindrical, geometric shapes. To make your bath even more luxurious, some tubs offer a built-in water heater to achieve the perfect consistent temperature.

Wonderful water systems

Customizable shower systems can help you achieve a spa-like environment. Today’s showerheads offer numerous options to tailor water pressure and flow, whether you prefer a gentle rain-like feel or a more powerful spray. To further enhance the bathing process, body spray systems create a vertical spa experience, providing generous water coverage, and flush mounts give the shower a clean appearance. Be sure to install body sprays with an adjustable spray face to get water exactly where you want it, to create a relaxing sensation of being enveloped by water.

Towels of tranquility

After a calming shower or bath, wrapping yourself in a soft, plush towel is a must. For the coziest feel, choose products made with 100 percent Egyptian cotton. This type of cotton has longer, more-fibrous threads, meaning towels are warmer, thicker and more absorbent. Bamboo cloths are also velvety soft. Towels can be used to help customize your space, too. Choose a color or pattern that enhances your decor, or add monograms for a personal touch.

Lovely lighting

The right lighting enhances the bathroom’s ambiance, while providing the brightness you need to style hair or apply makeup. Install fixtures and accessories from the same product suite to ensure your bath looks as fashionable as it is functional. From the traditional Waterhill collection to the modern Iso line, Moen provides everything you need to create a perfectly coordinated look. The brand’s portfolio of lavatory luxuries includes corresponding faucets, lighting, towel bars and tank levers in a variety of finishes, allowing you to design a cohesive, sophisticated space. For more information on Moen accessories or products, visit

Versatile vanities

Opulence and organization go hand-in-hand with some of today’s newest vanities. Some pieces are equipped with convenient features like integrated night lights and in-drawer electrical outlets, to keep countertops clean and preserve the elegant style of the bathroom. Select a vanity with a granite or marble countertop to make the ultimate luxurious style statement, and complete the design by hanging a beautiful mirror atop it. If you have a double sink in your vanity, look for two matching mirrors or, for a touch of drama, install one that’s oversized.

Fabulous fragrances

Scents have the power to take our mood from tense to tranquil. Visit your local beauty boutique or high-end department store and treat yourself to a selection of scented candles, soaps and lotions that will help you de-stress and make your bathing routine feel luxe. Lavender, chamomile and cinnamon aromas are excellent fragrance selections to create a relaxing atmosphere. Light scented candles while you bathe to enhance your surroundings, or spice up your shower by using scented soaps.

With the right fixtures, lighting and accessories, it’s simple to transform your space from ordinary to opulent. These ideas will inspire you to be living in the lap of luxury right in your own home.