Bring the beach into your home year round

(ARA) – There’s nothing better than digging your toes in the warm sand, breathing crisp, salty air and hearing the sound of waves crashing on the shoreline. But whether the beach is close to home, or thousands of miles away, you don’t have to leave the memories behind at the summer’s end. There are many creative ways to bring the beach into your home all year long.

“Many of us bring back vacation mementos that end up sitting in a box in the garage,” says Angie Stinner, design expert for Rust-Oleum. “But with a little imagination and creativity, you can transform souvenirs from your time at the beach into stylish decorations that will recreate that serene seashore look and feel inside your home.”

Here are a few project ideas that are sure to give you that tranquil beach feel even on a gloomy winter day:

Accent with shimmering sea glass.

Sea glass is one of the rarest of all beach finds. Perhaps that’s why purchasing an accent piece made of natural sea glass can be very expensive. But thanks to paint innovation, it’s easy to replicate the glimmering bluish green tone of sea glass and create a beautiful accent piece without spending a fortune.

Find an old glass jar, bowl or vase around your home – or purchase one at the dollar store. Then spray it with a paint like Rust-Oleum Frosted Sea Glass Spray. Let it dry and fill the jar or bowl with sand, coral or shells you brought home from the beach.

Seashells forever.

Hunting for shells is a universally loved beach pastime. And the seashells you find can be used to create one-of-a-kind decorations to give a beach feel to your home year round. Create a stylish wreath for your front door. Use them to decorate an old lamp or apply them to the lampshade for a stand-out accent piece. The possibilities are endless.

Make sure to clean your shells with soap and water to remove sand, salt and other debris. Once completely dry, spray on a coat of Bulls Eye Shellac. Its all-natural shellac resin will seal in lingering odors and preserve the shells so they don’t crumble over time. Let the shells dry overnight. Then get out your glue gun and attach them to any surface you choose. It’s an easy, affordable way to spend some post-beach time with your kids.

Frame up your vacation memories.

Photos are great for reminiscing about warm summer days at the beach. So instead of storing them on your hard drive why not frame them in ocean-esque colors for all to see?

Find a few old frames, either at home or from a thrift store. Then paint them with a spray paint like Rust-Oleum Stops Rust Harbor Blue. Group your photos on a vacation wall – or display them throughout your home – to keep your warm, sunny days at the beach in mind throughout the winter’s chill.

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