Color, texture and more: Vinyl continues to be America’s most-installed siding

(BPT) – While vinyl siding has historically been the most-used siding material in the U.S., its continuing advancements are allowing even more choice when it comes to two critical qualities desired by homeowners: outstanding curb appeal and low maintenance. Add to this to the growing interest by homeowners to save energy and the increasing green measures being taken by builders, and insulated vinyl siding stands out as a versatile choice.

More value is being created by marrying texture and toughness, creating beautiful and extremely durable homes. The toughest vinyl siding exteriors are code-compliant for hurricane zones and offer maximum possible fire resistance ratings.

For example, with several new stone siding profiles in its Foundry Stone Collection and the most comprehensive color palette for cedar shake and shingle panels, Foundry premium vinyl siding by The Tapco Group has emerged as a cladding of choice in storm-prone and moisture-rich coastal areas. Its durability, low maintenance and limited lifetime warranty are factors making it popular in locations such as Virginia Beach, the Carolina coast and communities throughout Alabama.

Unlimited by geography, Foundry siding is found nationally, from whole-house applications in Western New York and South Florida to gable accents in the Great Lakes and Mountain West.

“The Foundry has great looks and I like the fact that it meets the strict Florida building code wind load requirement,” says George Williams, owner of Precision Homecrafters, Birmingham, Ala. “With the Foundry’s cedar shake profile, until you walk up and touch it, you don’t know that it’s vinyl.”

Foundry siding’s robust strength withstands the harshest conditions. With a wind load exceeding 170 mph, it also features highest-rating Class 1(A) fire resistance and 60-inch per pound or more impact resistance. At the same time, it is easily cut with snips and comes in efficient 5-foot panels so a single installer can quickly side the home. 

Homeowner Marsha Wallace had 27 squares of Foundry Siding installed on her Virginia Beach, Va. home. “Everyone who has seen the house is amazed when they get up really close and realize it’s vinyl siding. They don’t believe it until they get up really close and examine it. It looks like brand new shake and doesn’t look like your typical siding job at all,” Wallace says.  “The freedom from maintenance is very attractive,” she adds. 

Williams also appreciates the low maintenance. “I put Foundry siding on my home,” notes Williams. “People see it and they really like it.”

Manufactured from molds of real cedar and stone, authenticity is built into these premium vinyl panels. In addition to the easy-installing 5-foot panel lengths, Foundry firsts include proprietary multi-tone Weathered Collection colors and the only stone siding profile – Foundry Stacked Stone – featuring the finely-tuned detail of integrated grout lines. 

“A very important aspect is being maintenance-free. The last thing that many homeowners want to do is literal “home” work. Time-saving products like The Foundry that reduce maintenance can be a huge benefit for a lot of people,” says Jonathan Wierengo, vice president of marketing for The Tapco Group. “You have a versatile, large selection of warm and inviting colors that let the house stand out – and you don’t have to worry about painting.” 

The Foundry is a division of The Tapco Group,a U.S. Green Building Council member. For more information, visit or call 800-771-4486.