Curate home design through self-expression

(BPT) – Life and style are very much connected. From the way an outfit comes together with the quality of the fabric and the cut of the garment, to the ingredients used in a delectable meal, to the pieces that form an alluring home design — these are the details that create a life of beauty, on one’s own terms.

Creative disciplines converge

One can often find similarities between fashion and home design, as the two creative worlds provide opportunities for experimenting with style and exploring self-expression. Just as the runway is an outlet to showcase designs from the classic to the avant-garde, the home is also a space to set and embrace design trends, express personal style and enhance the home’s unique features. In this way, curating and launching a collection is like creating an interior space. Choose a base color palette to run throughout the home and layer in patterns and textures for a connected theme and cohesive expression.

It’s all in the details

When designing a home, inspiration can come from anywhere. Select faucets with mixed metal finishes, concrete or mother-of-pearl handles to bring these stylistic elements to life. Think of detailed design choices, such as clear faucet material accents or sleek drawer pulls, as ways to embrace a unique style. Beauty does not need to be sacrificed for functionality. These elements do not take away from high-functioning, strong-performing pieces within the home, they enhance it — just as a statement accessory can bring an outfit together for a final look.

A life of beauty, on one’s own terms

Beauty and creativity cannot be confined to one space, style or narrative. The Brizo® Modern Goddess empowers others to embrace self-expression and celebrate individuality, set free from expectations and convention.

“What I love about The Modern Goddess is that you can have choice. You can have individuality. There’s no judgment,” said Designer Tommy Zung when describing the design philosophy of the Brizo® Modern Goddess. “One expresses themselves through the architecture and they live within it. To me, the most important architecture or design is when you feel something, and you feel something deeply.”

Evoke feeling into design to bring distinctive expression to life. Whether timeless or modern, minimalist or maximalist, the Brizo® brand offers quality kitchen and bath products that can be paired with any style to create an exquisitely personalized space.