Dorm rooms that rock: Simple tips for style and organization

(BPT) – When it comes to small space living, maximizing square footage and striking the right balance between function and design is essential. Whether you’re sending college students off to the dorms, preparing young adults for life in a first apartment, or re-designing small spaces in your home, you can do several things to keep the space organized and stylish at the same time.

“People often think you have to choose between organizing a room and decorating a room,” says Jeffrey Phillip, organization and design expert at “Instead, it’s about utilizing multi-functional elements that maximize both space and style.”

Jeffrey recommends these simple tips to DECORATE and organize small spaces:

* Decorate on a dime. Chic wall art or tapestries are a simple way to add warmth to your space, but don’t have to be expensive or high-end. In temporary spaces where nails are not an option, use removable hooks to hang a decorative curtain for an instant transformation.

* Easy access for essentials. From busy work and school schedules to balancing social activities and errands, you have a lot to keep track of on any given day. Adhere Command Key Rails and Spring Clips near the desk or next to the front door to keep keys, to-do lists and reminders handy in one central location.

* Create an illusion. Small spaces often lack adequate storage space, so it’s important to create your own when possible. Use bed risers to elevate the bed an additional 3 to 6 inches off the ground, allowing more room for larger storage bins to fit beneath the bed. An appropriately measured bed skirt will easily disguise your secret storage and keep the room looking neat.

* Organize cord clutter. Cord clutter can quickly make small spaces look sloppy. Use Command Clear Cord Clips to run cords along the back or bottom of furniture in order to tame unsightly wires. And, go wireless wherever possible to eliminate those pesky cords altogether.

* Re-focus the space. Adding personality to your room with different colors and patterns is important to make it feel like home, but too much can end up making the room look cluttered. Choose one piece to be the star, such as a printed area rug or bold bedspread, and coordinate the rest of your decor around it with complementary solids and prints.

* Add the right light. Overhead fluorescent lighting in small spaces can be unflattering as well as distracting. Supplement it with a three-way floor lamp to create a brighter, more comforting glow. Not only will it help make the room more welcoming, it will also help boost productivity and allow you to go from task lighting to ambient lighting with the flick of a switch.

* Tidy up. Coats, purses and backpacks draped on chairs or sitting on the floor are an eye sore in any room. Use damage-free jumbo hooks on the back of the door to keep heavier, daily use items tidy and off the floor. Also, take advantage of vertical space by hanging colorful jewelry and scarves on walls. It will serve double-duty for both organizing items and creating wall art. 

* Express yourself. Temporary spaces often mean plain furniture and limited opportunities for unique decor. Create removable pops of color in unexpected places by adding colored or patterned washi tape to desks, shelves or storage bins and containers for a look that’s sure to stand out.

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