Easy kids’ room updates can make winter less dreary

(ARA) – As temperatures drop and the days grow shorter, kids begin spending more and more time indoors. To help make spending time inside more enjoyable, give your child’s room a fun makeover. With bright colors and fun details, you can transform a bland bed or playroom into a kid-friendly space they won’t want to leave.

Color the walls

An easy way to inject color and personality into any room is with paint, and Dutch Boy’s Crayola palette is perfect for creating a fun atmosphere. Kids can choose colors that match those in their crayon boxes, with names like Granny Smith Apple, Razzmatazz, Crayola Canary and Inch Worm. If you’re in need of some extra creative inspiration, Dutch Boy’s website offers a number of images and idea cards using color combinations from the Crayola palette. You can even download how-to painting instructions and coloring pages for the kids. And don’t stop at the walls – paint dressers, chairs and other furniture bright colors to make the whole room pop. All 96 shades of the Crayola palette are available in Dutch Boy’s popular Refresh line, so you’re sure to find the perfect color to match your child’s personality.


To give your child’s room unique flair, divide the space and add privacy, a canopy will do the trick. Whether store-bought or hand-made, a canopy can create a whimsical feel that your child will love. Drape your child’s choice of lightweight fabrics from four ceiling hooks to create a customized cover for his or her bed. And while canopies are usually seen as bed accessories, don’t think that’s where they have to stay. Hang a version with a circular base and arrange plush cushions on the floor to create a comfy reading nook for your little one.


Inspiring creativity and adding some fun to your child’s room is as easy as A-B-C. With chalkboard paint, you can give your child a new way to practice the alphabet, arithmetic, drawing and much more. Simply cover a flat surface with a product like easy-spray Krylon Chalkboard Paint, let dry, and voila! For a standard message board, paint the backside of a bulletin board or other sturdy panel with a few coats of paint. Hang the board on the wall with a piece of colorful ribbon or set on an easel, and you’ve got an easy-to-clean way for kids to learn and play. You might even transform tabletops or toy box covers into chalkboards to give them more space to get creative.

Wall decals

Build on your child’s new bright walls and give the room a more personalized feel with wall decals or stickers. These temporary art pieces are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, designs and colors, and the options of kid-friendly styles are endless. From animals, to movie characters, to sports logos, to stars and flowers, there is sure to be a design or theme that matches any child’s personality and age. Because the stickers are easily removed, kids can simply transition to more traditional letters, mirrors, landscapes and silhouettes as they grow older. Some companies can even make decals from photos, so the design possibilities are truly limitless.

You can help your kids enjoy the great indoors this season and give their rooms new appeal with these few easy updates. Helping to plan and decorate their “new” rooms will also give your kids a sense of pride in the finished product, so they’ll enjoy their spaces through the fall months and beyond.