Eight easy ways to organize – and maximize – a small bath

(BPT) – The bath serves a variety of uses, from a functional room to a serene sanctuary, a storage facility to a salon. And, whether you enjoy it yourself or share with the family, every bathroom is in need of one major thing – organization. To help keep your bath feeling more serene and less insane, follow these eight ideas to help improve your organization, maximize space and even add a bit of style.

1.Supersize your shower. You don’t need to remodel – or even use a tool – to increase the size of your shower space. Simply swap your straight shower rod with a curved version. Moen offers a variety of curved shower rod options, including a new Tension Curved Shower Rod that adds up to 5 1/2 inches of elbow room without using any elbow grease for installation. The no-tool, no-drill feature makes it ideal for showers featuring ceramic tile. For more space and functionality, Moen’s Double Curved Shower Rod adds up to 7 inches of elbow room, with two rods to hang multiple shower curtains or towels.

2.Take back the tub. From shampoo and shower gel, duckies and boats, the bathtub often needs to store a variety of items. While shower caddies or shelves are great solutions, you can also make your own. Reuse your straight shower rod – but install it across the back wall of the tub. Next, use shower rod hooks to hang a variety of plastic baskets, creating instant storage for each member of the family.

3. Maximize with dual-function. Dual-function products are perfect for smaller baths, since they offer added benefits without taking up more space. Update your current toilet paper holder, towel bars and in-shower shelves with newer versions that integrate grab bars. Moen offers stylish grab bars that feature paper holders, towel bars and two shelf designs – all in a variety of finishes to help you update these bathroom basics while adding storage, safety and style.

4. Clean closets. If you have a closet in your bathroom, fully utilize its storage potential. Use labeled – and preferably see-through – bins on the floor and for higher-up shelves to keep smaller items neat, organized and easily accessible. Designate the middle shelves for frequently used linens. Finally, the inside of the closet door can be a potential location for added storage space. Hang a shoe rack and you’ll instantly have a dozen pouches to hold smaller items.

5. Hidden helpers. While space underneath the vanity offers room for storage, this area is a glutton for disorganization. Remove everything and toss any items you don’t need. Next, use baskets or bins to create places for everything. Don’t forget that the back of the doors can also be added locations to install hooks or shelves

6. Shelves for storage. Don’t limit the vertical surfaces of your bathroom for mirrors and decor (especially if you don’t have a closet) – try installing wall shelves. Choose from a variety of options – from smaller, decorative shelves that can hold perfume and toiletries – to larger hotel shelves that provide the perfect storage location for towels. 

7. Get hooked. It’s one of the major pet peeves in the bathroom: towels and clothes on the floor. Solve this problem by installing robe hooks. They are inexpensive, easy to install and come in a variety of styles and finishes to match your bathroom. If you share your bath with children, be sure to install a few lower on the wall, within reach of little hands.

8. Hotel inspiration. The next time you’re staying in a hotel, take note of the amenities offered – and incorporate them into your bathroom for added functionality and organization. Did you love using the wall-mounted, magnifying mirror? Enjoy the convenience of storing the hair dryer on the wall? These same bath accessories are available for your home – so install and enjoy.

With a few simple projects, your bathroom can achieve maximum organization, use of space and style. For more information on Moen bathroom accessories, visit www.moen.com.