Escape with an at-home relaxation retreat

(ARA) – With tight schedules and even tighter budgets, it’s becoming more difficult for people to indulge in the luxury of a day spa visit or relaxing vacation. Recent studies show when it comes to life’s little luxuries, like that sliver of cheesecake, we can’t resist the urge to give ourselves a treat from time to time.

If your relaxation routine is the treat you can’t resist, consider an at-home regimen to maintain that touch of luxury while saving time and money.

Consider the following tips to create an at-home relaxation retreat:

* Create a relaxation station. A soothing retreat is hard to come by in a cluttered home. Identify the quietest area of your home and do a mini-makeover of the space. Remove any extraneous items to create streamlined counter and tabletops. Add a few fluffy throw pillows you can nestle into, add a dimmer switch to overhead lights and find soothing scents like lavender to complete the environment.

* Massage away the day. Add a light massage into your relaxation routine to make the most of “me” time. Enjoy a book and a massage in your favorite chair with the HoMedics Swedish Massage Cushion, or rest on a comfy couch using a handheld massager on a sore neck. Adding soothing massage will help you relax and escape from the pressures of your 9 to 5.

* Enjoy the little things. Take time each day to enjoy the little pleasures that often go unnoticed. Being more conscious of what we often push aside for “more important” things can really help you refocus and feel more relaxed. So whether it’s taking a full hour to meditate in the morning or enjoying a small piece of dark chocolate after dinner, don’t forget that while we shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, we also shouldn’t forget the little things that make us happier.

* No whirlpool? No problem. Use steaming water and aromatherapy candles to create a spa-like mood in and around your tub. An addition like the HoMedics Body Bubbles Bath Spa can turn any bath into a soothing, bubbly massage. Turn on some soft music for a truly relaxing soak.

* Skip the salon and DIY nails. Mix up trips to the nail salon with taking time for yourself to pamper your piggies. Invest in a few neutral polish shades and a manicure kit to do your nails and toenails at home. Treat your feet to a deep soothing massage with a hydrotherapy foot bath like the HoMedics Hydrotherapy Foot Massager with Jet Action and Heat.

While you may de-stress throughout the day by enjoying the outdoors or burning off steam with a new fitness class, creating an at-home retreat gives you an escape to savor at your discretion. Making the commitment to take time for you is the essential first step – happy relaxing!