Expert tips to transform your style for fall

(BPT) – With fall’s arrival, many people change out their wardrobe, meals and turn up the thermostat, but often forget that just a few simple changes can get their home and other parts of their life ready for autumn.

Renowned designer David Bromstad offers his quick and simple tips to transition and transform your interior spaces for the season, no matter your budget or style.

Freshen up your colors. Bromstad says one of the easiest ways to transition into fall is to switch up the color palette in your home. To get a fall feeling you don’t have to rely on just reds and oranges. Add in a pop of yellow to a room with a cool color scheme.

“Yellow is a foundational color that ties everything together, and sites like help you find inspirational photos of new ways to mix and match so it never goes stale,” says Bromstad.

Adding new throw pillows, a cozy blanket on the couch or a new lamp can make a dramatic difference, and can be easily changed with every season. Small changes can go a long way in making your space feel new and fresh.

Upgrade your tech. If your computer is feeling sluggish or you’ve been longing for a new cellphone, fall is a great time to invest in new technology. With the coming holiday season, there are many sales and deals on the latest technology. And for design lovers, the newest devices don’t require you to sacrifice style. Your favorite design concepts – like sleek lines and bold colors – can be found in the technology you use, and now is a great time to match your technology to your lifestyle. Complement your new gadgets by using on your tablet, mobile device or computer. Available everywhere you are, Bing helps you find information quickly and easily, and makes it beautiful with a stunning new photograph every day.

Rearrange and reorganize. Rearrange furniture for upcoming gatherings as you move from outdoor entertaining to indoors. Depending on how you like to use your space during the colder months, you can easily make a room feel more formal or more casual. Do you spend your time entertaining dinner guests and serving up cocktails? Bromstad suggests bringing in a bar cart and arranging your furniture into small group seating areas. More of a movie and popcorn family? Arrange the furniture so everyone has a clear view of the television and a cozy spot to curl up.

Dress your table for the season. Set your dining table with new accessories and pieces to liven up your family dinner or cocktail party. Bromstad suggests that small or large additions to the dining room can have a dramatic impact. Add grandeur to the room with a chandelier above the table, or create depth and visual interest with mirrors throughout. On the table, layer tablecloths, placemats and napkins to bring in the colors of fall for a rich and visually interesting tablescape.

These are just a few of the many ways to transition your home into fall. You can find more ideas and inspiration for transforming your spaces from sites like, which let you search images and pin them directly to Pinterest in one click. Whether you opt for bold new colors or rearrange your space, you’re sure to create a stylish space that signals fall is in the air.