Four easy ways to warm up your home decor

(ARA) – As the chill of winter sets in, your home interior may be lacking the warmth and comfort you’d prefer. Fortunately, creating an inviting atmosphere does not require huge amounts of time or money. And you don’t need to be a professional interior designer – or even have experience in decorating – to transform your home into a welcoming haven. To bring your decor into the season and give your home noticeable appeal, follow a few easy tips.


Color has an enormous effect on mood and it greatly influences the atmosphere of a room. Neutral and white walls can feel stark and cold during the winter months, so consider warming them up with rich hues like those found in Dutch Boy’s 2011 holiday palette. Yellow Springs, Reservoir Red and Loden Wool will create the perfect cozy feel, and accents of Ultra White will make your new colors stand out even more. “The warmth of this light yellow is reminiscent of lights glowing on the tree, popcorn strands strung, or light from the candles set on the mantel,” says Rachel Skafidas, color and design specialist for Dutch Boy Paints. “It’s the perfect backdrop for a deep, traditional red and mistletoe green.” And don’t stop at paint – incorporate these colors into other decor elements for a festive feel throughout the home.


Hardwood and natural stone floors have become extremely popular in the past several years, but these options can be cold and unpleasant underfoot in the wintry months. Adding rugs in visible areas will instantly give any room a more inviting look, as well as warmer feet on cold winter mornings. Experiment with different sizes, styles, shapes and designs throughout the home. You might even consider switching out current kitchen and bathroom rugs for more seasonal choices to give these rooms a festive appeal.


Now that winter is here and days are shorter, depending on natural sunlight to brighten a room past mid-afternoon is no longer an option. But instead of harsh white ceiling lights, give your home a cozy glow with strategically placed lamps, candle sconces and wall lights. A variety of light sources creates a welcoming feel that still allows occupants to entertain or read comfortably. A trip to any home improvement store will prove there are endless possibilities to light your home, with many unique and easy-installation options to choose from.


It’s the little things that can make the biggest difference, and accent items have a great effect on the ambiance of your home. From decorative sofa pillows, to festive candles, to holiday table runners, the details of a room determine its mood. If you’re feeling creative, many home and craft magazines have hundreds of ideas for do-it-yourself wreaths, centerpieces, wall hangings and other accents. And appealing to other senses with a pine-scented candle or seasonal bowl of potpourri will instantly make a room more inviting.

No matter what your budget or decorating experience, you can give your home a cozy, comforting feel easily and affordably. Using these tips, you’ll be ready to enjoy the great indoors in no time at all.