Get ready for the holidays with easy tips for around the house

(ARA) – ‘Tis the season for gathering and celebrating. If you’re hosting a party or get together with family or friends, get your home party-ready in no time with these simple tips that will be a breeze to tackle.

Make a lasting first impression – the entry way of your home will be heavily trafficked during the holiday season. Try replacing a worn out rug with a festive or brightly colored rug to create a welcoming feel. Next, take a look in the front hall closet. Create room for guests’ winter attire by moving some of your family coats, hats and scarves to a bedroom or guest room. A closet with open hangers will make your guests feel right at home.

Once past the foyer, evaluate the common areas that guests are likely to gather – the kitchen, living room and dining room. It’s easy for clutter to gather on surfaces, especially when decorations are on display. Clear off counters and table tops and consider removing year-round decorations in favor of holiday decor. The overall look will be warm, festive and inviting.

If you’re looking for changes that will make an impact, consider replacing old switch and outlet covers with new ones. Replacing old cabinet handles can also give your kitchen an updated look and feel. The SKIL iXO – a 4-volt palm-sized screwdriver fits into tight spots, and is a great tool to keep in a kitchen drawer to take on these tasks. It is also great for assembling toys Santa left behind.

With your house ready for guests, there’s just one more thing to do – make a list and check it twice. If you’re still coming up empty handed for loved ones, offers great gift ideas. From advanced do-it-yourself tools like circular saws and routers to handy tools such as a tiny cordless screwdriver, there’s something for everyone.

Visit for additional gift ideas and do-it-yourself projects that will help all season long.