Give the gift of clean: Your guide to luxury bidets

(BPT) – Looking for the perfect gift for that special someone? After a tough year with many unexpected turns and disappointments, a gift that delights and takes self-care to a new level is needed more than ever. For something truly thoughtful and unforgettable, consider a bidet.

But how do you find the right bidet now that there are so many on the market? Start with the brand that focuses on quality and luxury. TOTO is the Japanese company that introduced the technological innovations that redefined this bathroom fixture. Most bidets in their lineup come with these core features that will instantly elevate your loved one’s daily routine:

  • Warm water cleaning: Multiple settings let users personalize their experience. Set the temperature and the volume of water to exactly how they like it.
  • Warm air drying: Gentle warm air drying is something not all bidets feature, but it does offer that extra pampering while reducing the use of toilet tissue.
  • Heated seats: Let’s face it, anything that can beat the chill on winter mornings is always a winner.
  • High-quality components: You can rest assured that your gift will last for years.

Ready to shop? This guide will help you choose the perfect bidet option within your budget.

1. Budget-friendly luxury: The bidet seat

For the person who needs a little extra self-care in their daily routine, you can introduce the wonders of personal cleansing with water through a simple bidet seat upgrade. The WASHLET offers a perfect way to show you care, because it provides the spa-like features of warm water cleansing and warm-air drying, without breaking the bank. One big advantage to the bidet seat is easy setup and installation. Attach to an existing toilet by following the step-by-step instructions on the 3D installation app from TOTO on

2. The all-in-one bidet and toilet

For a gift that truly impresses, a top-of-the-line WASHLET+ provides your loved one with a bidet that’s integrated with a toilet. This offers a streamlined design along with some extra features, including dual-flush settings, a night light, and two-user memory settings.

The skirted design of the bidet toilet adds a touch of elegance to the bath, letting your loved one achieve a better design flow. Also, the electronic and plumbing components are seamlessly integrated into the unit, so your nearest and dearest won’t have the messy cords and bulging attachments to manage.

3. The ultimate in bidet luxury

For the one who has everything (and we mean everything), a high-end bidet with smart features is the ultimate high-impact gift they could ask for.

The NEOREST NX has a curved, streamlined shape that would bring a unique focal point to any design-forward bath. In addition to the spa-like features of warm water cleansing, warm-air drying, and a heated seat, it has the upgrades that will make their days fresher in every way: touchless flushing, technology that keeps the bowl cleaner longer, and water conservation.

To make life easier for the recipient of your luxury smart bidet toilet, TOTO will help you find a local factory-trained professional to install your gift. Make your selection now to assure timely delivery. Visit for more information.