High-design, high-tech ideas for making your home more luxurious

(BPT) – With so many demands on our time these days, it’s easy to relegate adding luxurious elements to the home as something better suited for another day. Yet, with concerted effort and a few purposefully chosen items, it is easier than ever to create a home environment that pampers you each and every day. To create your luxurious lifestyle, begin by incorporating fixtures that blend functionality, aesthetic appeal and innovative design into your whole home – expanding beyond general living areas into practical rooms like the kitchen and bath. By focusing on the basic elements of these spaces you can easily add style, functionality and character to the ambiance of your entire home.

As you explore high-quality products and fittings, you’ll notice a wide array of products with high-end technology solutions that enhance everyday living. Increased attention to design and aesthetics, paired with extensive research and development, have elevated many home products beyond basic functional needs. Today, the humble faucet boasts high-quality features that focus on sustainability, ease of use and, of course, high-end appearances.

When exploring the myriad faucet options available, keeping the following aspects in mind can help you create a lavish space that will leave you feeling pampered and guilt-free.

Design aesthetics: Today, faucet designs range from traditional to ultra-modern, classical to futuristic, or even intricately embellished to minimalistic and sleek. This variety of styles allows you to use the fixture as a key design element in the space. For example, when creating an opulent bath space, details like Swarovski crystal accents on faucet finials can enhance the lavish feel of your bath instead of simply blending in.

Delta Faucet Company industrial designer Celine Garland says these small details can make all the difference in the overall design of your kitchen or bath space. “Just as a statement necklace or bright heel can take a little black dress from everyday to jaw-dropping, the perfect faucet can provide the finishing touch that transforms your kitchen or bath from memorable to unforgettable,” Garland says.  

Functionality: Beyond aesthetics, innovative enhancements, such as touch activations, add convenience and a sense of ease to both the kitchen and bath space. For instance, the Brizo Charlotte electronic lavatory faucet brings more to the bath experience than just its flowing lines and classical elegance; it also increases ease of use through SmartTouchPlus Technology, which enables both hands-free and touch-sensitive operation. Additionally, TempIQ Temperature Control Technology senses the temperature of the water before it leaves the spout. An LED light built into the top of the faucet changes color from blue to magenta to red, letting users know exactly when water has reached the desired temperature. It automatically adjusts the water mixture to ensure a consistent water temperature and includes a high-temperature limit stop that offers an added degree of safety in the bath.

Water conservation: In addition to luxury, modern bath fittings offer sensible and environmentally friendly features that delight eco-minded consumers. New technologies that add greater dimensions to water flow provide a more satisfying experience without increasing water consumption. Look for the WaterSense label to identify lavatory and shower products that help conserve water while performing as well or better than less efficient models.

By adding fashion and functionality, bath and kitchen fittings can bring a new dimension of luxury to the home. So when planning your next luxury home upgrade, don’t forget how incorporating modern technologies into these often overlooked accents can enhance both your design aesthetic and your everyday experience.