How tech innovations can help improve your home experience – from housework to play

(BPT) – According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, more people spent time working at home and less time commuting last year, but also did more household chores than in previous years. However, people also tried to enjoy their time at home through leisure activities like computer gaming and TV watching. As everyone’s habits continue to shift and evolve, it’s the perfect time to look for ways to make the daily chores easier, so you can find balance and focus on what matters most: relaxing and having fun at home.

Here are a few new innovations from LG that can help you do just that.

Clean smarter, not harder

Keeping your home and belongings clean may seem like an uphill battle, but having the right tools can make quick work of your daily chores, so you can do more of what you love.

Make laundry day a breeze

If you think you’re spending too much time in your laundry room, you probably are! LG’s latest technology can simplify this seemingly endless chore. The LG FX Washer and Dryer pair uses artificial intelligence to learn which reoccurring cycles and settings you use, automatically presenting your most frequently used sequences so you can quickly select cycles and options. The washer’s AI washing cycle senses the load and soil level as well as fabric softness and adjusts washing options, automatically adding the proper amount of detergent.

LG’s Smart Pairing feature also automatically matches the drying cycle to the washing cycle to ensure optimal results. You can even control key laundry features from your phone or smart speaker via the ThinQ App — making it easier to finish your other chores or enjoy some well-deserved time to relax, whether you’re near the laundry room or not.

Clean from the bottom up

Nothing makes a room look better than a clean floor. But if you hate wrestling with unwieldy vacuum cleaners and clumsy mops, you can get everything you need in one sleek design with the LG CordZero Vacuum with All-in-One Tower. The new cordless stick vacuum is the first of its kind that charges, neatly stores up to six accessories and automatically empties the dust bin after cleaning. Simply dock your stick vacuum in the tower, and the Auto Empty feature deposits the dirt into a disposable collection bag — hands free without dust and debris spilling everywhere. And you can use it up to two hours uninterrupted with its two quick-release batteries.

LG’s Kompressor technology more than doubles the bin capacity with just the press of a lever, so you can keep cleaning instead of stopping to empty the bin. What’s more, this handy tool easily switches from vacuum to wet mop to clean hard floors in a snap with the PowerMop attachment.

Make the most of play time

With the chores made easier, perhaps it’s time to upgrade your fun time as well. If you’d like to level up your gaming experience, the new, slim LG UltraGear gaming laptop (17G90Q) ensures immersive, fluid gameplay for the most graphically demanding PC games, thanks to the latest top-of-the-line hardware. This laptop features an 11th Gen Intel Tiger Lake H processor and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Max-Q graphics card, and its cooling system keeps the laptop running cool — even when pushed to its limits.

Equipped with LG’s UltraGear Studio gaming software, the laptop lets you customize gaming-related options and track performance data in real time. You’ll also experience realistic, three-dimensional sound with a built-in two-way speaker system to convey directionality and location of sounds in the gaming environment, helping players find teammates and track down enemies.

Don’t skimp on a monitor

To make game play even better, the LG UltraGear 48-inch OLED Monitor (48GQ900) boasts a borderless screen design, impeccable color accuracy and an OLED display to satisfy avid gamers with the ability to play PC, console and mobile games at once. For multi-platform gamers who like to play across various formats, this monitor’s interface supports 4K (10 Bit) content up to 120Hz — the best choice for multi-platform gamers who enjoy PC games as much as console games.

With the best tools for both your housework and your play, you can spend a lot more time enjoying being at home. Visit to see the latest products to optimize your household chores and your favorite games.