How to elevate your experience at home for next-gen console gaming

(BPT) – The highly anticipated release of new gaming consoles has people more excited than ever. This enthusiasm is shared by more than just serious gamers; with so many people spending more time at home due to quarantine and social distancing, they’ve discovered gaming as a pastime they can enjoy alone or with their family. So how can you prepare to get the ultimate experience in your household?

Experience epic visuals with the ultimate TV

It doesn’t matter how advanced your console is if you don’t have a TV that can keep up with it. With stellar picture quality and industry leading gaming features such as HDMI 2.1, LG’s 2020 OLED TVs are not only ideal for serious gamers, allowing for more gaming action in real time, but also great for sports fans and film buffs.

“For next-gen consoles, you absolutely need an LG OLED TV,” says professional gamer Arteezy of esports team Evil Geniuses. “The high refresh rates and very fast response times make the gameplay much smoother and enjoyable.”

Celebrated as the most advanced gaming TV on the market, LG’s 2020 OLED TV lineup raises the bar, providing an immersive and smooth gaming experience. The LG OLED TV reduces screen tearing (when a screen shows visuals from multiple frames) or other distracting visual artifacts like lag and stuttering.

The LG OLED TV will make you feel like you’re right there in the game, with perfect blacks and intense colors that let you see all the details without slowing down gameplay. How? Millions of pixels emit their own light independently and can be completely turned off. This unveils perfect black, over a billion rich colors and infinite contrast.

Utilize gaming modes and picture settings

The most advanced TVs have special modes and picture settings that are created with gaming in mind, so you get incredible colors and visuals. For example, some TVs like LG OLED have Dolby Vision® and the HDR Gaming Interest Group’s HGiG Mode, created so gamers can enjoy high-quality visuals as game creators and developers intended when playing High Dynamic Range (HDR) games via consoles. HGiG is a group made up of companies from the game and display industries that develops standards to improve the HDR gaming experience for people in their homes.

In addition to gaming modes, make sure you check your TV’s picture settings to determine which you prefer for your gaming. Some gamers even change picture settings from game to game. Sound settings can be updated and customized as well, and you may want to add a soundbar to your setup for the best audio experience.

Research gaming controllers

Whether you’re an amateur or a seasoned gamer, it’s worth investing in a controller you love. These new systems come with controllers, but many gamers prefer to upgrade to options that best fit their gaming style. You’ll need to decide between cord and wireless: Some people prefer the cord, so they never have to worry about batteries running out while others swear by wireless for freedom of movement.

When researching controllers keep muscle memory in mind. Past gaming experiences reflect on your skills in the future, so think about buttons, toggles and shape of the controller so you can find one that reflects characteristics you enjoyed in the past and improves on ones you didn’t. One top recommendation to check out: The Razer Wolverine V2.

Set up seating strategically

Even the most satisfying gaming session can ultimately be disappointing if you end up with a sore neck or back. A comfortable chair can elevate any gaming session, especially those that are adjustable for customized, ergonomic support.

If new furniture isn’t an option, check out your current seating and look for opportunities for improvement. Adding cushions and pillows can amplify comfort tremendously, so stock up on back pillows and lumbar supports so every gamer — young, old and in-between — feels as good after a gaming session as they did at the start.

Bottom line: Next-gen consoles are truly remarkable systems. You can enjoy the best they offer with the right complementary technologies and gear. Great equipment brings the next-gen console gaming experience to new heights.