How to transform your garage into a multi-purpose powerhouse

(BPT) – A garage is no longer just a place to park your car. Today’s garages are agile and multifunctional, extending living space and elevating a homeowner’s lifestyle.

The desire to use the garage for new purposes is a top trend with homeowners nationwide. During the pandemic, 78% of homeowners across generations intend to make changes to their garage, according to the New American Home Study. Furthermore, 49% of millennial homeowners have already transformed their garage into a gym, home office or for additional storage space.

Are you ready to transform your garage into a multifunctional powerhouse? Here are three tips for upgrading your garage and helping you design a space ideal for your needs while enhancing your home’s value:

Add storage

One of the primary things that separates a stereotypical garage from an enviable one is the organization. Clutter on top of clutter inhibits the multifunctional potential of the space. To start, get rid of junk, sort through necessities and transform the space to optimize organization.

That means installing shelving and utilizing vertical space. Enclosed cabinets are ideal for limiting dust and keeping personal items out of sightlines from the road. Label and use storage boxes as needed to stay organized, especially with seasonal supplies only needed at certain times of year. Toolboxes and pegboards are ideal for keeping tools and hobby supplies conveniently on hand. Creating a system with these elements may take time, but it’s worthwhile because the benefits are lasting.

Upgrade your garage door opener

It’s time to ditch the loud, dated garage door opener for a stylish modern option with technology enhancements. Turn your garage into the envy of the neighborhood with the new LiftMaster Secure View garage door opener that looks like a sleek smart home device and does more than just open and close your garage door. This new opener comes with a built-in camera, corner-to-corner LED lighting and it works with the with the myQ® app so you can control, secure and monitor your garage door from anywhere. The built-in camera enables live video streaming and 2-way communication so you can see when the kids get home from school or tell your neighbor where to find the ladder.

Additionally, the powerful myQ app acts as command central, allowing homeowners to easily share and manage home access without interrupting their day, as well as enabling smart access experiences like Amazon Key In-Garage Delivery as well as Smart Vehicle Access capabilities within select vehicles. Visit for additional information.

Make it a multifunctional space

Multifunction is the key for the ultimate garage, and no matter what your interests, you can customize the space to fit your needs. A workbench is a must-have for many, with ample space to tinker and make. For gearheads, a car lift might be a worthy investment. For those focused on health, installing workout equipment makes sense. Adding a TV might be a given, whether it’s to stream workouts or to watch the game.

Keep in mind, you should add extras to enhance your comfort so you can get the most out of your time in the garage. Proper task lighting is essential. Depending where you live, adding fans to cool and heating elements to warm helps make the garage a year-round retreat. Finally, upgrading flooring turns any garage into an eye-catching hot spot, so research options including epoxy coatings and garage floor tiles.