How your cherished moments can enhance your living space – and create meaningful gifts

(BPT) – There’s a good reason so many people love taking pictures all the time — to capture the joy of everyday moments, relive memories over and over, and to share them with loved ones. If you have a collection of wonderful moments stored on your phone that you’d like to keep for years, why not turn your favorites into beautiful art to decorate your home or make one-of-a-kind gifts? With Kodak Moments, you can create customized decor and personalized gifts that will last a lifetime. Made with the highest quality materials, Kodak Moments has everything you need at a variety of price points.

Creating your own Kodak Moments gift and décor is easy! Check out these four different ways to customize them online:

1. Give your walls a splash of color with gallery-quality art

To bring special moments to life, Canvas helps you turn your photos into stunning art that will enhance any wall in your home. You can transform meaningful memories into visual statements with a choice of six sizes. You can select just one large Canvas to feature on a wall or consider mixing and matching multiple sizes of Canvas to create an eye-catching gallery wall anywhere in your home. This is a great option for highlighting favorite family moments on a living room, hallway or dining room wall.

2. Make a unique gift with your own personal touch

The DIY Poster Frame comes with an 11×14 Poster Print and a unique frame, to add a contemporary and natural touch to your favorite photos. The frame is easy to assemble and perfectly secures your poster in place – just attach the magnetic wood borders, made from solid, sustainable wood in a natural finish. Even better, after hanging your poster frame, you can swap out different posters whenever you want, so your space always appears fresh and exciting. Its minimalistic appearance makes this a great choice for everything from dorm rooms or family rooms to playrooms and children’s bedrooms.

3. Share your special moments, forever

The Moments Stand is a great gift to give to family, friends, teachers or co-workers, which displays their favorite photos in a modern and stylish way with a uniquely shaped magnetic stand. You can swap out 10 Classic Prints included with the stand, for a new display every day. This smaller format works well to add personal touches to small spaces like bookshelves, mantles, or atop your desk — or create festive, personalized centerpieces for special occasions and gatherings.

4. Create special memories that fit any space

You can celebrate moments when time stood still by giving a gift that will stand the test of time with this Metal Print with Bamboo Stand. The attractive metal and bamboo makes a unique look that suits everyone’s style. With a choice of four different sizes, showcase your favorite memories on your tabletop, dresser top, shelf or desk for a perfect display.

With the high-quality image printing and materials used in all of these products, you can find the perfect way to celebrate each of your treasured Kodak Moments, to capture your favorite memories and share them with the people you care about. You can even get 10% off all orders by becoming a Moments Member. Learn more about all the possibilities for gifting and home decor at