KBIS 2021: Top design kitchen and bath design trends to watch

(BPT) – Do you want to know what’s popular for kitchen and bath spaces for 2021? There’s no better barometer for the biggest trends than the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, where top designers and brands gather to hobnob about the year’s leading innovations and trends.

Although KBIS was virtual this year, there are plenty of exciting trends that homeowners will want to see as they plan their home improvement and interior design projects:

Purposeful designs: Today’s designs can’t just look good; they need to stand up to the high demands of busy households. For example, luxury kitchen brand Signature Kitchen Suite blends innovation and high-end design with a brand new — and highly customizable — undercounter convertible drawer refrigerator. Precise temperatures make this the perfect way to maintain the freshness and integrity of foods, with six temperature zones — pantry, fridge, bar, seafood, meat or freezer settings — flexing from -7 to 50 degrees independently in each drawer.

Hands-free options for cleaner spaces: With a focus on cleanliness, touchless options are being seen in countless products. If it can be hands-free, it’s in demand in 2021. Hands-free options are more user-friendly than ever before, with motion-control lights and smart home features that make living easy and limit the spread of germs. Even self-closing lids are becoming common, making it easier to live well and minimize contact.

Space-saving appliances: With more time being spent at home, space is at a premium. Bulky appliances have given way to space-saving counterparts that don’t skimp on performance. For example, the LG STUDIO WashTower’s single-unit, vertical design makes the most of space efficiency while tackling ultra-large loads to deliver a complete clean in under 30 minutes — all with a sleek, streamlined design. Plus, the convenient center control panel is positioned with both washer and dryer controls in the middle so it’s easy to reach.

Built-in intelligence: From precision-baking ovens to intelligent, fabric-detecting washers, homes are getting smarter than ever. The new LG STUDIO WashTower has built-in intelligence that uses sensors to detect fabric texture and load size, and then automatically selects the right wash motions, temperatures and more for precision fabric care. With Smart Pairing, the washer can even tell the dryer the right compatible drying cycle.

Growth of the healthy home: With health and wellness centerstage, home upgrades that support well-being are particularly popular. From advanced home air filters to bacteria-resistant surfaces, cleanliness is integrated into virtually everything. Families suffering from allergies should look for laundry appliances that are certified “asthma & allergy friendly” by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. LG offers an expansive portfolio of certified laundry products, from laundry appliances to vacuums and air purifiers.

Rich metals and clean lines: Clean lines continue to be integrated into designs to elevate spaces in a modern way, while making them accessible to transitional style homes that want to blend traditional with contemporary. Matte finishes are gaining popularity from faucets to cabinetry. Black and steel offer a fresh way to upgrade hardware and appliances for a sleek, eye-catching look that stands out from everyone else on the block.

Focal-point faucets: The Tone collection from Kohler offers five configurations including a Semi-Pro, a standard single-handle pull-down with upgrades for touchless and voice-control functionality. The pull-down models feature a three-function spray head and a new two-tone finish: an interesting take on color blocking using matte black and brushed modern brass or matte black and chrome.

As homeowners plan their annual improvement projects, these trends can help guide them in making wise investments and smart decisions that support their lifestyle.