Move to a world of color with these easy tips to find your color inspiration

(BPT) – Color can be transformative. It has the power to evoke emotion, alter your mood and stimulate one-of-a kind creativity. The shades and hues that capture a person’s imagination are as varied as people themselves. What colors capture you? Is it a color you see or wear every day, or is it one you use to decorate your office? Or is it a color you have yet to experience? Once you do, you’ll never forget it.

To help you find the colors that inspire and transform you, fashion designer Tracy Reese, known for her colorful style and clothing, offers these ideas about how you can use color to enhance your look, your home and your office.

* Find your inspiration. There are plenty of opportunities to find color inspiration at home or in the office, including furniture, textiles, accessories as well as your co-workers’ or family members’ clothing, fashion and color choices. Reese says everyone has something to offer, so use the ideas and personalities around you to get your own creative juices flowing so you can find your inspiration.

* Color your mood. Your mood has a color and Reese recommends embracing it. “Some days I’m all about color, and some days I’m sort of androgynous, and some days I’m very femme,” she says. If you’re feeling bold, reflect that in the colors you wear with bursts of red, yellow or bright green and save those muted greys, blacks and navy blues for when you feel low-key. The color options available in the Post-it World of Color collections are a great way to showcase your mood and personal style. The collection features Post-it Notes in nine different color collections representing bold and exotic destinations around the world and give you the freedom to pick your favorite, jumpstart your creativity and organize your thoughts, whether you’re feeling Marrakesh red or Cape Town pink.

* Compare and contrast. Want to make the brightest colors in your life even more amazing? Reese recommends contrasting them with neutral hues. “I love contrasting bright and neutral tones,” she says. “The neutrals really make the bright tones pop and take center stage.

* Use conventional color in unconventional ways. Reese turned professional stereotypes on their heads when she painted her office flamingo pink. The company’s lobby also has a hot pink couch which she says keeps the workplace atmosphere “bright and lively.” You can use color to the same effect in your office, home or even your wardrobe. Reese says using bright colors can keep everyone optimistic and upbeat, even on those long afternoons when you’d rather throw in the towel and call it a day.

Color is about more than just the shade you see, it is also about your reaction to it. “I think working with colors fuels the mind and spirit,” says Reese. “Color can convey mood and emotion, time and place. Color connects you to memories and propels you forward. There is so much rich color around, it’s important to stop, take notice and use it to inspire.”

How will color inspire you? To find out and to learn more about the Post-it World of Color collections as well as the awe-inspiring cities and destinations their colors reflect, visit