Practical 2-for-1 solutions for gardeners

(ARA) – What gardener doesn’t find tasks like weeding and watering tiresome? To tackle recurring chores like these and more with greater ease and efficiency, consider some practical tools that offer two-in-one solutions.

Watering well: For a new twist on watering, try the new Dramm ColorStorm Spinning Sprinkler. It takes the usual hose-attached sprinkler experience in a different direction. The spinning head is designed to cast arcs of water up to 38 feet in diameter, while atomizing water into fine droplets for more efficient water usage and more thorough soil penetration. It’s geared for use on properties with practically any water pressure, from low to high, making it an especially welcome solution for those on the no-oomph end of the pressure spectrum.

Weeding and mulching: To gardeners, weeding is the very definition of “relentless.” With new Preen Mulch Plus you can apply mulch and prevent weeds for six months in one easy step. Preen Mulch Plus is a premium shredded wood mulch with two highly effective weed preventers already mixed in. It stops weeds, as seeds, before they start growing. It comes in three non-fade colors that add a finished look to any garden or landscape: midnight black, russet red and chestnut brown. As an added benefit, Preen Mulch Plus provides full weed protection when spread only 2 inches deep, instead of the usual 3-inch depth recommended for other bagged mulches, so each bag covers 30 percent more ground. The only mulch with six month weed protection, it’s available at Lowe’s and independent garden centers.

Cutting, digging, rock removal, crack cleaning, planting and more: A. M. Leonard’s classic soil knife is a multi-solution tool that now comes in a deluxe model. The horticultural tool and supply company founded in 1885 considers this their “must-have tool.” The Deluxe Soil Knife is made of rust-resistant Swedish stainless steel, which adds strength to its versatility, with each 6-inch blade crafted to withstand over 300 pounds of pressure. Definitely a two-for-one item, on one side the blade features a tapered slicing edge, on the other a deeply serrated cutting edge. New features include a more comfortable grip and inch markings on the blade shaft.

Lugging, trugging and cooling: In Spain, where they’re made, Trug Tubs are used in orchards for harvesting fruit. There are imitators, but the originals are sturdy, black and indestructible. This versatile garden carrier is one tool that tackles two, three and more garden tasks with ease. The Trug Tub is a broad, round, rubbery tub with two handles. Grab it by the handles with one hand and the flexible sides bend in to form an elongated trug shape, great for carrying tools or firewood. In its round tub shape, it’s ideal for mixing potting soil or lugging yard debris. Made of 100 percent recycled polyethylene, it’s easy to clean. Freezing cold temperatures are no problem so, when garden chores are done and it’s party time, use it as an ice chest for cooling backyard beverages.