Preseason home-readiness tips for sports fans

(ARA) – As the weather gets warmer, fans anxiously wait for their favorite sport to take center stage. College basketball fans fill out their brackets, golfers dust off their clubs and dream about green jackets, baseball diamonds are prepped for opening day and the professional basketball playoff run starts heating up.

The athletes involved have been training for months for these moments, but what about the fans watching at home? Your friends want to watch the games at your place, but the house is a mess, the drinks aren’t cold and your television is a relic from the days of fat tube TVs. Let’s just say there is a preseason for a reason, even for fans.

Before the must-see sporting events of 2012 arrive, make sure you have all your bases covered at home. Here are a few tips to make sure you’re ready.

Make sure you have a TV that guests actually want to watch

Sports networks are now showing content in 3-D, making sports fan feel as if they are at the game, even when they are sitting on their couches. But many people hesitate to buy a 3-D TV because there’s still not a lot of programming available. The recent LG Sports Viewing Habits survey found 42 percent of men would prefer to have a big screen HDTV that can convert the games from 2-D to 3-D when entertaining.

Fortunately TV manufacturers have solved that problem. The new Cinema 3-D models from LG Electronics have an advanced 2-D to 3-D conversion, which allow consumers to view any sports program in 3-D. The affordable FPR 3-D technology makes it easy for a group of fans to watch the game in 3-D together. These 3-D glasses are movie-theater-style “passive” glasses that come with a smaller price tag than the more expensive, battery-powered kind.

You also want to make sure that your new TV fits well into a viewing setup. Make sure there are enough seats for your guests to comfortably watch the game. End tables for drinks should be close by and the food buffet should have a sightline to the screen so your guests never have to miss a moment of action.

Plan your menu and overestimate on food and drink

It doesn’t matter if your guests are diehard fans or casual observers, the food and drink options are crucial. Appetizers and finger foods make perfect munchies, but consider some lighter fare for guests who prefer other options. Guacamole and chips is a can’t-miss snack that’s delicious and healthy. And always make sure napkins are in abundance if you are serving messier foods like wings or pizza.

Of course, you’ll need the space to store all of the food and drink before the big game. The LG super-capacity French-door refrigerator offers 31 cubic feet of storage space – the largest capacity in its class (largest capacity standard-width French Door refrigerator; excludes other LG manufactured products). And LG’s unique Blast Chiller feature can chill a 12-ounce can from room temperature to ice cold in around five minutes, which is pretty important given that more than 60 percent of fans expect cold drinks when watching a game, according to the Sports Viewing Habits survey.

Make high-resolution memories without a bulky camera

You nailed the entertainment, the food and the drinks and your team came out victorious. But how will you capture the special moment? Digital cameras come in every shape, color and size, but they aren’t very convenient and seem to never be charged when you need them. Luckily, cellphone technology is so advanced that the cameras on phones are starting to rival and even beat point-and-shoots.

The LG Nitro has nearly as many features as an expensive camera with options to control image size settings, white balance, color effects and ISO settings. This slate-style smartphone fits perfectly into any pocket, ready to capture your favorite sports memory, which it can instant upload to you favorite social media websites.

Remember, the preseason isn’t just for athletes anymore. Get yourself ready for all the major sporting events this year.