Real-estate ready: 8 tips for boosting your home’s value

(BPT) – When selling a home, you want the best possible offer from homebuyers. To capture attention and boost bids, consider these eight tips.

1. Invest in the bath and kitchen to impress

Buyers focus on kitchens and bathrooms, making these rooms worth the investment. A midrange bathroom remodel recoups 70 percent of the cost at resale, according to the 2018 Remodeling Magazine Cost vs. Value Report, and a midrange kitchen remodel that includes replacing cabinet fronts and upgrades appliances recoups 81 percent of the cost.

2. Enhance the heart of the home for family and functionality

Families spend countless hours cooking, baking and making memories in the kitchen. Consider thoughtful enhancements that facilitate food prep, and buyers will take notice. For example, American Standard kitchen faucets with MeasureFill technology allow you to adjust a knob and get a precise amount of water up to five cups on demand.

3. Focus on the flaws and make fixes

If an entire remodel isn’t practical, fix the trouble spots. Simple swaps like replacing a scratched sink, a dated microwave or an old tired floor can make a big difference at sale time.

4. Refresh spaces with paint in neutral hues

Paint is one of the most affordable home updates and has a dramatic impact. Neutral colors are broadly appealing, so choose safe hues that let future homebuyers easily envision living in the space.

5. Keep streamlined designs in mind

Modern home enhancements often have a streamlined look with sleek designs that don’t overpower other spatial elements. For example, the GROHE GrohTherm SmartControl shower system is intelligently designed with push and turn intuitive smart controls and a thin profile that will fit into any room’s aesthetic.

6. Trick the eye to expand visual space

It’s not just square footage that counts, it’s how your home feels. To help your home appear larger and more open, let in the light. Replace heavy draperies with vertical blinds that you can keep open for showings. In small rooms or areas low on natural light, hang wall mirrors to reflect light while visually expanding the space.

7. Make green updates to reduce energy and water use

Your local utilities may be able to offer energy and water audits that will be valuable documentation for potential buyers. You can promote water efficiency by using WaterSense-labeled products, such as bathroom sink faucets that use just 1.5 gallons per minute and high-efficiency toilets that use only 1.28 gallons per flush.

8. Install low-maintenance, easy-to-clean products

Keep cleanliness and maintenance in mind when making upgrades. For example, concealed trapway toilets have smooth sides that simplify cleaning. Additionally, look for a toilet with EverClean, an innovative permanent finish that helps toilets stay cleaner, longer.

Whether you plan to sell now or in the next year, these smart investments will increase the value of your home.