Shopping for a better night’s sleep

(BPT) – Mattress shopping isn’t a matter to take lying down. The average American spends three full years sleeping on each mattress they buy. A mattress is the single most important factor in achieving the quality sleep that is crucial to a high quality of life.

There are a number of steps anyone can take before and during the mattress shopping process that will demystify what can be an overwhelming experience. Following these tips will have you sleeping soundly on your new mattress in no time.

Define what type of sleeper you are

Knowing how you sleep is the first step in identifying the best mattress for you. People who sleep on their backs will need more lumbar support, while side sleepers will have to consider pressure points down their body and may prefer a more plush feel. For those who sleep on their front, firmness is key to ensure the back isn’t bent too much.

Have a realistic budget

A discount model typically doesn’t provide everything you need from a mattress. Go online before you go shopping and take a look at the price ranges for quality mattresses. Try out a comparison tool, like the one Sealy offers at Think of a mattress as a long-term investment and, in the end, you’ll be paying just a few cents each night for a restful night’s sleep.

Banish the mattress myths

Firmness doesn’t define support and softness doesn’t define comfort. Sinking deep into a bed might be great for one person, but may leave another person folded over by morning. There is no ”fix all” mattress type.

Dress for the occasion and remember your pillow

Wear loose, comfortable clothing, slip-on shoes and avoid filling your pockets. You want to be able to lie on the bed in the position you find most comfortable without worrying about what you’re wearing. Also, you should bring your own pillow to simulate a real night’s sleep. Even better, ask the retailer if you can use an unwrapped store pillow while you shop. Display pillows are often thin and not designed for sleeping.

Have a good base

It’s critical to put your new mattress on a supportive base. Make sure you have a firm box spring or a steel frame with central support. You wouldn’t put the cheapest tires on your new car, so why place your new mattress on an inferior base?

It’s life’s canvas

Sleeping isn’t the only thing you do on a mattress. Pick the right option for a good night’s sleep but also consider the mattress that helps with intimacy. The right mattress for you should support everything that happens on your bed and make everything in your life better.