Spring into four simple DIY home decorating trends

(BPT) – Whether you’re personalizing a new home or revitalizing an old room, the start of spring is when newly imagined spaces become do-it-yourself realities.

Here are four easy and affordable DIY tips to bring 2014’s trends into your home.

Don’t just spring clean … spring create

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to mean getting rid of everything in the garage. Familiar pieces showcased in a special way can be a conversation starter. Love cycling, but have an old bicycle that you don’t ride anymore?  Consider using its components to construct a unique piece of furniture to showcase your passion for the sport.

Peter Debelak, co-owner of Soulcraft Woodshop and Gallery, a membership-based community woodworking workshop in Cleveland, Ohio, did just that. He used Elmer’s ProBond Advanced, a construction adhesive designed specifically for bonding porous to non-porous mixed materials, such as metal to wood or ceramic to drywall, to create a rotating wine rack made out of a bicycle wheel, as well as a shelf and coat rack constructed from a repurposed bicycle crank-set and handlebars. “More and more we’re seeing people personalize their home decor by transforming fascinating objects they love into home accessories and furnishings,” says Debelak.

Go ahead, mix materials

Vintage and contemporary design elements come together to create rustic contemporary looks. “Reclaimed materials will heavily influence DIYers, and contrasting shiny and rustic materials in projects will definitely be trending in 2014,” says KariAnne Wood, designer, blogger and owner of Thistlewood Farms. Metal, wood, glass, ceramic – all of these key materials play essential roles in making your home the center of attention. Mixing two, or even all, of these together will give you an edge in creating a unique space. Consider gluing pieces of metal and wood together to construct an industrial-style coffee table. Able to work on almost any substrate, ProBond Advanced’s “opposites attract” formula delivers a heavy-duty bond between porous and non-porous surfaces. The glue doesn’t leave a foam residue once it dries, so creating a masterpiece is as easy as glue, clamp and relax.

Give piece(s) a chance

Recycled wooden pallets and cable spools are trending now on Pinterest in 2014, as DIYers turn them into coffee tables, desks and wall art. “Homeowners are finding ways to bring an element of surprise to staple pieces. Taking utilitarian items and helping them live a new, more beautiful life will enhance any space this season,” says Wood. For a quick and simple patio transformation, spray paint large, wooden cable spools and use them as outdoor tables. Take it a step further by using ProBond Advanced to add a bold, ceramic tile mosaic without any grout, caulk or building required.

Organize organically

Most people kick spring off with a little time devoted to organizing. There are easy ways to make your current space functional for your lifestyle without sacrificing your design preferences. Don’t let closet space get cluttered; rather, make use of a space you usually ignore. People are discovering new ways to make beautiful items more functional. That fabulous bench in your entryway may be storing winter coats in a secret storage space but your guests never need to know. Adding storage and improving organization can be just as creative as other spring decorating endeavors. Enhancing your storage solutions can include hanging an old door horizontally and attaching metal hooks to make an instant mudroom by your entryway. Wire baskets glued to wood shelves become a great home for keys, shoes, and outdoor accessories. No time to build anything? Not to worry. Simply hang a shoe rack on the back of a door, and you have a perfect set of compartments to hold supplies in any room.

This season, stay on trend without busting your budget (or your back) by stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing your most creative ideas. Whether you’re upcycling old items found in the garage into new masterpieces, or giving a more modern pop to a traditional coffee table, this year’s trends involve unique materials and bold design elements. The possibilities are endless, and it’s important to have the right materials to complete every project quickly and correctly the first time. Learn more about Elmer’s ProBond Advanced to help you get the job done.