Spring project inspiration: A bidet leaves you and the bath clean and refreshed

(BPT) – There’s nothing like the arrival of warmer weather to get you energized to pick up some home improvement projects.

If you’re feeling a bounce in motivation for a bath update, you’re in good company. Nearly one-third of adults (31%) said their home renovation in 2021 would be focused on the bath, according to a recent marketing survey.

To achieve that spring refresh, adding a bidet may be just the update you seek. It couldn’t be simpler, and yet, it offers more than a cosmetic update. Choose the right model, and a bidet offers luxury, style and elevates your self-care routine. As you shop for the perfect model, there are a couple of options sure to fit your needs and your budget.

Bidet seat: This can be a quick and approachable investment for the bathroom. It can be installed on a standard toilet and ready to operate within a single evening, so you can start enjoying the benefits right away.

Bidet toilet: This is a serious upgrade for the home that delivers more spa-like experiences and self-cleaning features to recharge your daily routine.

To help you find the right bidet to make your spring rejuvenation project complete, here’s a look at how this upgrade can bring that spring transformation to your bath space.

Enhance your wellness routine: There’s no shortage of options when it comes to finding a bidet. The key to a high-quality bidet seat are the advanced personal cleansing technologies that support superior self-care.

Simplify your search by going to the source. TOTO is the Japanese company that transformed the bidet into a tech-forward home luxury. Their latest, the WASHLET C5, lets you have that in your home without breaking the bank.

After a simple installation that connects the bidet seat to the home’s fresh water supply, it’s ready to deliver a soothing warm flow of aerated water that’s always clean and pure. Use the water temperature and volume controls to personalize the experience.

Once the cleansing cycle is completed, you can activate the drying cycle, which uses warm air to gently dry. Not only will this bidet seat take self-care to the next level in the bathroom, but it also protects the environment by reducing the need for toilet tissue.

Maintain a healthier home: A high-end bidet is a true investment for the home. Not only does it have additional spa-like features, such as a night light and a heated seat, but it also offers touchless technology. The Aquia IV Arc WASHLET+ S550e by TOTO has sensing technology that opens and closes the lid, and has an auto-flush option. Going touchless reduces the spread of germs and promotes hygiene.

Thoughtful design: When you’re making this kind of investment in the bath, you’ll want to evaluate how the bidet contributes to the overall design of the bath. Ideally, your bidet should add a modern touch that instantly elevates the space. Look for a skirted design, with a smooth base that hides the trapway. High-end bidet toilets offer a seamless integration of the supply line and power cord, which eliminates unwanted visual clutter.

Start fresh this spring with superior products and technologies that will leave you and your home feeling cleansed and refreshed. Find these at TOTOUSA.com.