The hottest trend in fireplaces? Using them to warm up a kitchen or bathroom

(BPT) – In the past few years homes have become vital sanctuaries — places where you and your family want to feel comfortable, cozy and serene. Recent shifts in home design are responding to this need, while also reflecting a desire for beauty and luxury. As a result, fireplaces are seriously trending — not just for living rooms or bedrooms, but even kitchens and bathrooms.

Thanks to recent innovations such as beautifully designed, easy-to-install electric fireplaces from SimpliFire, you can add the warmth and charm a fireplace brings to almost any room without undergoing major renovations or having to worry about things like chimneys, piles of wood, screens or gas lines.

The sleek, contemporary features seen in these electric fireplaces add a warm glow and ambient light to any room. You can select features like driftwood log sets and a variety of finishes, plus whatever flame color options and fire bed materials and colors suit your mood and style.

Time-honored luxury with a modern aesthetic

While adding fireplaces to various rooms may be an emerging trend in contemporary home design — and a boon for home values — the idea has a long history, as homes once relied solely on fireplaces for heating every room. Today’s designs, however, offer the drama and visual interest of clean lines and modern style — while also being much more convenient and energy-efficient than traditional wood-burning fireplaces. Another great advantage? You can run your electric fireplace anytime you’d like to enjoy the beauty and ambience it provides, with or without heat, all year round.

The heart of the home

The kitchen is possibly the most crucial room in every home. Because kitchens needed fireplaces for cooking functions in olden days, it seems like a natural fit to add a fireplace here. Today’s kitchens are the heart of the home in more ways than one, especially with open plan home designs allowing plenty of space for the entire family — and guests — to gather around and cook meals together.

What better space to create a warm, cozy and decorative focal point with an electric fireplace? You could even use a 3-sided style such as SimpliFire’s Scion Trinity Fireplace by Heat & Glo to connect a kitchen to dining or living areas, or use two units back-to-back to create a two-sided fireplace between any two rooms.

A personal spa

The bathroom has become a sought-after oasis in contemporary homes, inspiring spa-like features from heated floors or towel racks to deluxe standalone tubs that create an aura of comfort and luxury. Adding a bathroom fireplace is one more way to design the ultimate personal retreat. What could be more calming than relaxing in a hot bath by the light of a glowing fireplace?

Fortunately, today’s electric fireplaces make this renovation easier than ever. While a few special safety precautions need to be taken for bathroom applications, following your product instructions and local code restrictions will ensure that your fireplace will be as safe as it is enchanting.

How electric fireplaces work

Electric fireplaces can supply light as well as being able to offer some heat, but the glow and warmth are created without an actual flame. With the press of a button, you can use a remote control to adjust both the “flame” and other effects, including the heat level, thermostat, timer, brightness, ember bed lights and accent lighting. Turn up the heat to take the chill off during wintry days, or turn the heat down and enjoy the fireplace just for its calming ambiance when the weather’s warm.

Installation is easy

Whether you choose to hire a professional or completely DIY it, electrical fireplace installation is remarkably easy. With just a few tools, a well-placed grounded electrical outlet and a revolutionary wall-mount SimpliFire Format electric fireplace, you can bring the comfort of a fireplace to any room in your home in a day.

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