This Season the Hygge Design Trend is Back and Bold

(BPT) – Last year, the Scandinavian concept of Hygge took the interior design stage by storm with people around the world flocking to buy cozy blankets and sheepskin throws. This year, Noa Santos, interior co-founder of interior design company Homepolish says that hygge has experienced a rebirth and visually has become the elevated, bolder enhancement of last year’s concept. It’s about purposeful design choices that stand out and speak for themselves, and not shying away from bold design decisions to make home an oasis of coziness.

So whether enjoying a warm cup of tea while wrapped in your favorite blanket on the couch, inviting friends over for a quaint dinner or reading a good book on an incredibly comfortable leather chair while candles flicker, we’ll help you hygge your home.

Hygge is more than just a Scandinavian way of life. Many Americans are embracing living in this manner while designing their spaces to reflect their personal approach to hygge.

“I live in one of the world’s most bustling cities, which makes winding down even more essential in my day to day,” says Noa Santos, who is based in New York City. “For those chaotic nights when I really want to Zen out, I practice the Danish art of Hygge — and it’s not just as a passing trend full of all roaring fires and chunky sweaters. Hygge is a way of life and accessible to all!”

Santos used his expertise to integrate Hygge into his personal home as well as those of his clients. Here are his three tips to help you master this cozy trend in your favorite spaces, too.

Decluttering, But Not De-Styling Your Home

“There’s nothing more satisfying than coming home to a streamlined space,” says Santos. “To achieve this, it’s important to periodically rid your home of extraneous items and embrace the comfy ones, like a warm blanket and scented candles.”

When it comes to Hygge, don’t think that decluttering means de-styling — in fact, where better to make a bold statement than with a piece you both need and want.

“I recommend LG’s suite of Matte Black Stainless Steel kitchen appliances to really lend your space a sleek, minimalist vibe that still capitalizes on coziness,” says Santos. “What I love about them is that they’re statement pieces but are also versatile because they complement just about any color or kitchen style — whether it’s traditional or contemporary.”

Invite the outdoors inside

Part of hygge is being aligned with Mother Nature. Fortunately, adding natural elements to a home’s interior enhances any design aesthetic. From French country and traditional to contemporary and industrial, adding organic materials to your design will instantly add feelings of hygge.

“Artfully arranged flowers and perfectly placed plants help cement your space as an indoor Eden,” says Santos. “The positive psychological benefits aren’t too shabby either. Organic materials like wood and leather work like a charm as well.”

A simple way to start is by strategically adding live plants throughout your space. Whether it’s colorful florals or the more muted tones of succulents, this provides a warm, inviting space no matter the time of year.


Hygge isn’t just how you design your space, it’s how you use it. Enjoying your surroundings with loved ones is sure to feed the soul and heighten your hygge. It could be a cozy night in for two or a bountiful feast for a crew — togetherness is at the heart of hygge and allows you to show off your home design.

“Whether it’s just your significant other or a handful of close friends, sharing a meal around the table — especially a hand-crafted one — is a great way to nail hygge,” says Santos. “I recommend keeping your fridge stocked with food for these dinners. You never know when you may need to plan an emergency meal with your favorite warm comfort foods.”

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