Top tips to reap the fullest experience from fall TV

(BPT) – With long nights and chilly temperatures, it’s always good to find an excuse to stay home. Here’s a classic excuse that’s gone from lame to legitimate in a short time: I have to catch up on my favorite TV show.

So fix your favorite snack and pull up a sofa, because this fall, there are a ton of hot and critically acclaimed TV shows debuting and returning.

In fact, one projection says 2017 is on track to smash records. This year, as many as 500 original scripted shows have already aired and streamed, according to a report in AdWeek. That means there should be something for everyone, right?

Now’s the perfect time to check in with your set to make sure it’s up to the task of bringing you the best possible TV-watching experience.

Get cinematic: It’s not unheard of for TV shows to boast multi-million-dollar budgets that can cover elaborate costumes, locations, sets and stunning special effects that would rival any movie. If you’re looking for TV technology with the ability to accurately replicate the action and characters, consider investing in one of LG’s sets. Whether you look at their premium LG OLED TVs or one of their Super UHD TVs with Nano Cell Technology, you’re sure to get the most lifelike, advanced picture quality available.

Switch around with ease: If switching the TV display from cable to streaming is still a complicated feat that requires three remotes and a 10-minute training session that still befuddles your partner, it’s really time to update your entertainment station to something sleeker and more intuitive.

A smart set with a compatible remote can solve all these problems. For example, all of LG’s OLED and Super UHD sets come with its award-winning webOS Smart TV platform and Magic Remote, which makes flipping between content seamless and easy – all without stumbling into a screen of TV static. Plus, LG’s Magic Remote is voice-activated, making your life easier than ever before.

Get organized: Figuring out what to watch and when to catch it is half the battle. The last thing you want is a big let-down because your show happens to be on a bye week you didn’t know about. Shop around for an app that lets you manage your shows, so you know at a glance what’s coming up. Also, today’s sets come with a platform so you can keep and manage your information right where you’re going to use it.

Start thinking about the series finale: When a favorite emerges, keep the season finale in the back of your mind. That’s a great reason to host an end-of-season viewing party, because plot twists and cliffhangers are so much sweeter when experienced with someone. Even if you have plenty of comfy seating to handle the crowd, make sure your TV set is suitable for screening at a wide angle. Many LCD sets have a narrow viewing range with the TV’s “sweet spot” limited to directly in front of the TV, which can mar the entire experience.

However, the superior technology of LG OLED sets pulls everyone into the drama with the widest viewing angles available, and with more than a billion rich colors and perfect blacks, your guests will only see a lifelike, high-contrast image wherever they sit. LG has the largest selection of OLED TVs on the market. If you’re interested in learning more, visit