Transform your interior decor to create a cozy atmosphere

(ARA) – The change of seasons, the change of family schedules, or even a change in furniture – there are many reasons to take the time to transform the interior of your home and revitalize your decor. Why not take the opportunity this fall and winter to refresh your interior with the bold colors trending this year?

Traditional fall colors like bronze orange, vibrant gold and comfy eggplant bring plenty of life to a home’s decor, especially after the temperatures have dropped and you’ve closed up the house for a season. Winter colors are warm this year, with a lot of browns blended in with reds, yellows and taupe, creating a cozy interior feeling through the long winter months. And if you’re looking to transform your home into a blooming spring or summer theme inspired by next year’s anticipated colors, brighter hues in traditional primary shades are a good direction to go.

Changing a paint color is always the first big step to take in refreshing the look of a room. But many people often eschew painting a room because they think it takes too much time. Not so any more.

“Edging is often the most time-consuming and frustrating portion of a painting project,” says Arti Lyde, project director for Wagner Spray Tech. “Combining the taping and the painting time together allows homeowners to accomplish the project much quicker.”

Shorten the time it takes to transform your interior. Wagner Spray Tech has the SMART Edge Roller, which allows you to paint directly up to the edge of the woodwork, resulting in a straight, clean edge. In addition, the roller has a direct-feed reservoir that holds 6 ounces of paint, eliminating the need for a tray. With this edging tool in your painting arsenal, you’ll have a new color on your walls quickly and easily with less mess and less fuss.

Another way to revitalize your decor is to bring in accent colors through fabrics. Toss a pillow or two in a contrasting shade on your couch, loveseat or chair. Or add pops of color to your windows by accenting them with colorful Venetian drapes. Another way to add accent colors to your rooms is through wall art in the form of paintings, posters or even decorations. Rotate in wall art incorporating your new colors to attract the visual attention of guests to your home.

Don’t forget the floors. Plush rugs can add warmth to the room no matter if you have carpeting or wood floors. Use a small rug under a coffee table in the living room, at the base of the vanity in a bathroom, or a larger rug under the bed in the master bedroom to bring some character a room. Match the colors of your rug to the wall colors to unify the look.

With a new paint color warming the walls of the room, and accent colors bringing added dimension to furniture, fabrics and floor decorations, your home will be transformed into a comfortable living environment for many months to come.