10 Plant Lover Gift Ideas for This Holiday Season

Plant Lover Gifts

If shopping for a plant-obsessed loved one this holiday season, cater to their green interests with these plant lover gifts from Monsteras and terrariums.

Indoor Plants for the Plant Addict


Complete the plant addict’s collection with an always trendy tropical Monstera deliciosa


For the new indoor gardener and plant lover trying to get their collection going, a pothos is the perfect easy-care starter plant.

Jade Bonsai

Jade plant bonsais are hot right now on Instagram and Pinterest, grab one for the dedicated plant mom.


For the indoor gardener that loves to propagate and share their collection, a Pilea peperomiodes (commonly known as the “sharing plant”) is perfect.


Succulents are great for the indoor gardener that’s been known to kill plants in the past. These hardy indoor plants just need a little sunshine.


From terra cotta pots to boho macrame plant hangers, these planters will help keep their plant collection growing for years to come.


Help their collection grow with stylish planters. Terra cotta and brightly colored add extra color to their home.


Put their collection on display in these stylish glass terrariums.

Indoor Growers & Hydroponics

For the indoor gardener that wants to give their plants and edibles some extra love, get this Miracle Gro MG12 indoor growing system, complete with light and an easy-to-use app that helps monitor water and growing schedules.

Vertical & Hanging Planters

For friends with limited space, consider gifting a vertical and hanging planters.

DIY a vertical planter for a heartfelt, homemade gift.

Plant Stands

And probably the last thing they need but the only thing they want: more space to put plants.

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Make sure to check out our other gift ideas for everyone on your list this holiday season.

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