A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances

After staying in their fixer upper home for a year, Deb Foglia from Seeking Lavendar Lane decided that it was time to renovate and update their kitchen. Deb and her husband were able to find the perfect blend between luxury, functionality and budget with their KitchenAid appliances. Read the blog to find out more.

KitchenAid Appliances 

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances 

Our one year anniversary just passed when we first came across our fixer upper home. While browsing some homes last year, we came across a very neglected foreclosure that caught our attention. With the high-priced homes in our home state of New Jersey, we felt this was our opportunity to find a home in the right location and with some much-needed work, make it our dream home. Seven months of renovation later and I am finally able to share one of the main rooms in our home that was a true work of love. Last spring I started looking into kitchen designs and began envisioning our dream home.

Before the Revamp

To start, I wanted an open space with a European Farmhouse style feel (read more here about our Kitchen plans). I wanted clean lines, an open floor plan and luxury-style appliances. When it comes to my designing, it’s very similar to my appetite: my eyes are bigger than my stomach – or in this case – my budget. I browsed luxury kitchens and found sleek appliances that felt right out of a chef’s kitchen and blended beautifully with the style of the kitchens.

I wanted the same look for my home, but I knew browsing high end appliances was not going to work for our construction budget. After browsing one day at my local Home Depot, I stopped with my kids to browse the beautiful KitchenAid appliances. I instantly fell for the sleek door style that KitchenAid offered in the refrigerator style and loved the compartments and the overall style and size of the fridge.

This brought me to the Home Depot’s website. I wanted to know more and see more about this KitchenAid line. The reviews were fabulous. The features and style of each KitchenAid appliances were absolutely beautiful. I think another detail that appealed to me was the stainless steel color. I learned very early that certain stainless finishes are different and that some companies match others, but it was something to keep in mind especially if mixing your appliances.

The high-end look of the stainless steel on the KitchenAid refrigerator was certainly appealing, but the handle is what totally wooed me! If you haven’t seen a KitchenAid handle yet, be prepared to fall hard. The chef style handle with that little red detail just spoke luxury and style.

The Refrigerator 

Now, style is always the first thing I look at and I’m not afraid to admit that. I am a very visual person. That’s why I love interior design so much. After style, of course, functionality is important for our family. So once I decided on the style, I wanted to make sure that the function was going to work.

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances

We planned for the refrigerator to be on it’s own wall tucked into the pantry surrounded by a top cabinet and a petite bookcase. It saved us room in the design of our kitchen by having it tucked into the wall , and I have to give props to my hubby for making that design decision. So, since this was going to be a focal point, I needed to make sure the style was important but also make sure the function would work for our family of four. I planned for a French door style refrigerator with a bottom freezer drawer. I felt this would make unloading groceries easier, and I heard good things about having this layout for a refrigerator.

Separate drawer fronts are another great feature that I love for keeping my refrigerator organized (coming from someone who is not too organized). Keeping produce and cold cuts in the drawers makes it easy to access. The lights in the fridge make for a bright and lit up view. My husband calls it a spaceship interior…a true compliment to the designer of this fridge.

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances

 The Dishwasher

The dishwasher is another beauty. I wanted this particular model to have that matching KitchenAid handle. The three-tiered shelves make for extra space when washing. We love having that top drawer to add items like cutting boards, large spoons and spatulas. It’s a great way to add more space to make the most of the cleaning. I also have to rave about how quiet this machine is, and the extended pro dry is awwwesome! As someone who appreciates convenience,  I love that I don’t need to grab a dish towel before putting dishes away. I haven’t tried the sanitize option yet, but I LOVE that it offers this feature.

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances

  The Range & Range Hood 

Let’s talk about my range because that too was a focal point of the room. I decided to switch up my range because I needed a 36″, and I loved the Kucht range when browsing The Home Depot website. It had a very similar door handle which I felt would help the appliances match, and it came in the stainless steel option. The range was gorgeous online, but the day it arrived here my jaw dropped. Its industrial style really worked with the European chef style I was going for, and it also had clean lines and a sleek look. The six burners were a bonus that I’m so excited about. Then you open up to the beautiful blue interior oven that never gets old opening and shutting.

I have to add that I’ve never boiled water so fast either. Having such a chef style range really makes cooking easier, and I think it may have sparked my interest in cooking more. It’s amazing that having the right tools make cooking in this kitchen so much easier and exciting.

We also selected a range hood from The Home Depot. This was our first range hood because we are used to having a microwave that’s above the range. When designing the hood, I wanted something super sleek. I wanted it dramatic, but I also wanted it to be clean and simple. So, we decided to keep it as a drywall hood. We do plan on framing the bottom with some wood, keeping the paint color the same as the walls behind it, but as you all know it takes a while to get through those add on projects that make a home a home.

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances

The Microwave

The microwave we decided to add to our walk-in pantry. We got this built with lumber bought at The Home Depot by a local company @distinctivecraftworks. This made this space functional and gave my microwave a resting place since I wanted it to be hidden but easy to use. It also blends beautifully in this space with the KitchenAid ice machine. We love the idea of having both pieces in the open pantry as it’s open to the dining space and the kitchen. The stainless steel finish pops beautifully against the taupe walls, too. The microwave is also super quiet which I love, and the ice machine is going to make our home the perfect spot for more party-hosting. We now have more storage space in the refrigerator, a large oven and six burner range and an ice machine to accommodate guests, with endless drinks and food.

We are so happy with our KitchenAid appliances, Kucht range, and overall selection. They work beautifully with the layout, style of the cabinets, and bring that chef style feel to the space.

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances

A Modern Kitchen Revamp With KitchenAid Appliances

Working with Home Depot was so easy. They truly offered what I thought I would never be able to have in my home. I did not want something that felt too typical. I believe the appliances all together offer that function and style that I hoped for. KitchenAid and Kucht are two of the best brands The Home Depot offers. Be sure to check The Home Depot’s website because that’s where I got to see more KitchenAid appliance styles and came across the Kucht range that they did not have at my local store. I got some knowledge in-store and then was able to finish selecting what I wanted online. It was a great experience, and I look forward to enjoying my KitchenAid appliances for years to come.

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