Bookshelf Closet Makeover

How many of us own a closet that has become an unorganized, cluttered storage space? A lot of us have at least one. Riche Holmes Grant of The Riche Life is sharing how she and her little one turned their cluttered closet space into a cool, neat bookshelf closet. Riche is one of the 2020 Orange Tank Competition winners from this year’s Haven Conference, check out her project below.

Industrial Chic Closet Bookshelves

My daughter, Riley, and I share a Mommy + Me office that we love. Over the years, we’ve styled it to fit our personalities, but the one area that hasn’t gotten any love is our closet. It’s become a dumping ground for books and other miscellaneous items that don’t have a home.

We knew that the closet was long overdue for a makeover, so we decided to install DIY bookshelves. I was inspired by my time living in New York City to give the space an industrial chic look, so we used peel-and-stick wallpaper for the stunning exposed brick backdrop and poplar boards supported by decorative plumbing pipes for the open concept shelves.

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Both the wallpaper calculator and the buy on-line, pick up in store option on made it so easy to get everything that we needed to bring our project to life!



Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Book Shelf Closet Makeover


Step 1: Measure and Prep the Space

Use a tape measure to measure the dimensions of the wall(s).

Use the Home Depot wallpaper calculator tool to calculate the number of rolls that you’ll need for your space.

Helpful Tip: It’s a good idea to determine where you want the shelves to be while the wall is still bare. I used a stud finder to identify where the studs are in the wall, which helped me determine that I needed my shelves to be at least 6 ft. long given the spacing of the studs. I decided on five 6-foot shelves, each 13 inches apart. Then, I used these measurements and a level to create a mock-up on the wall with painter’s tape  so that I could visualize how the shelves would look before I hung them.

If needed, clean walls with warm soap and water to remove any dust or debris. Let dry completely before installing.

Step 2: Install Wallpaper

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Unroll one the first roll of wallpaper on the floor to the length needed for the first panel, adding about 2-3 extra inches at the bottom that you will trim later. Cut this piece and set aside.

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Next, unroll the remaining roll to find where the pattern lines up with the first panel. From this point, measure the length needed for the wall, adding about 2-3 inches at both the top and the bottom that you will trim later. After measuring, cut this piece from the roll and set aside.

Repeat the previous step for the remaining panels.

If possible, use two people to perform the following steps.

Using a ladder, line up the top of the first panel of wallpaper with where the wall and ceiling meet at the top of the left or right corner of the closet (whichever is easiest!). 

Starting from this point, slowly peel off about 3-4 inches of the backing and start sticking the wallpaper to the wall. It’s helpful if one person un-peels and sticks at the top while the other person holds the bottom of the panel and guides as necessary.

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Use the wallpaper smoother to smooth out any bubbles and/or wrinkles as you go. Slowly continue this process down the length of the wall, making any adjustments as needed.

Since my wallpaper has bricks, I used a level to make sure that the rows were even as I worked my way down. Once you reach the bottom, use the utility knife to trim the excess at the bottom.

Position the second panel on the wall next to the one that you just hung and note where the pattern meets (remember that you should have a few extra inches at the top). Once you find this point, peel off the backing and repeat the previous step. Once you finish, use the utility knife to trim the excess at the top and bottom.

Repeat the previous step for the remaining panels.

Step 3: Prepare the Shelves

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Spray paint the plumbing pieces (pipe connectors, flanges and caps), all screws, and pipe straps so that they are all one color. Let dry completely.

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Sand the boards (I had mine cut at the store). If desired, stain and/or finish the boards with the clear matte polyurethane to keep the natural look. Let dry completely before applying the next coat. Set aside once finished.

Step 4: Hang the Shelves

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Use the measurements that you took before installing the wallpaper and the level to determine the placement of the first shelf. Then, use the stud finder to locate the first stud and mark this spot.

Place a flange over the stud mark that you made in the previous step. Double-check the placement with the level and mark four holes to drive the 2 in. wood screws into the stud using the drill.

Repeat this process for the remaining flanges on the row.

Once the flanges are attached to the wall, screw in the pipes until secure.

Screw the caps on the ends of the pipes.

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Place the board on top of the installed pipes. Secure the board to the pipes using a pipe strap and two ¾ in. wood screws. Note: I only opted to attach pipe straps to the end pipes for aesthetic purposes (the boards only need one strap to stay in place), but you can add an additional straps to the other pipes if desired.

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Repeat this process for each row to finish the shelves.

Step 5: Add Decor

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

To complete the look, Riley and I used several industrial-themed pieces to style the shelves, including brass-finished bicycle bookends and decorative jacks in distressed gold, both available on

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

I’m so pleased with how our industrial chic closet bookshelves turned out! Each time I open the closet, I feel like I’m in a gorgeous New York loft. Best of all, Riley and I are so much more organized and can say that we truly love our entire space—no more running to close the closet when we have visitors!

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

Book Shelf Closet Makeover

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