Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

The new color palette can give any room in your home a makeover. Carolina Mastrangelo from Carola MM upgraded her guest bedroom with warm colors to create a cozy space for fall. See how you can create a bohemian chic styled space like Carolina did.

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall

Quarantine and my passion for decorating has led me to organize and decorate each room of my house over the past few months. But I always avoided the guest room. Despite feeling very happy to have this extra room and a place for my family to stay when they come, I always fill it with items I don’t use in other parts of the house. This has turned it into a deposit of things and made the room a space without a defined style and a bit cold.

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

So inspired by the spectacular fall colors, I found everything I wanted for this much-needed transformation at The Home Depot! The beautiful and extensive range of paint colors in the autumn collection had everything I was looking for — vibrant, warm, welcoming colors that imitates being surrounded by beautiful trees that we can only enjoy in the fall.

Getting Started

To start, I changed the color of the wall. I chose the beautiful neutral smoky white paint in an eggshell finish from the BEHR Marquee One Coat Collection, because it saves time and covers dark colors easily. I love the quality and the finish of the paint.

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

Picking the Colors for a Ombre Accent Wall

I haven’t created an ombre wall before with a color gradient, but I always admired photos and decided that this was perfect for the room. I chose four paint colors for this project, but you could use less or more depending on your style. The shades I selected were PPG’s Orange Maple, and BEHR’s Squash Bisque, Chai and Sedona Pink. The colors transport me to a beautiful autumn forest!

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

How To Create A Ombre Accent Wall

I started by defining the area to be painted by placing tape on the corners of the wall as protection to be able to paint freely. Then I measured the wall to distribute the colors. The first paint that I applied was the darkest in the beautiful tone Orange Maple by PPG Timeless.

This is a DIY project where you can break the rules of painting with some strokes in various directions to create textures and different intensity in the same color. It is a project where you can have fun, but you have to be patient.

With the same brush you can pass over the line that has been formed to blur the colors. Using a spray bottle with water can help you dilute the paint, because the paints have to be mixed before drying. The best thing is that you can return as many times as necessary to wet the paint and add a little more of any of the colors. With a dry brush you can also mark an X where the paints meet so you can be guided to make the colors blend together.

Continue with the next color you have chosen. It is all repetition — paint, brush or roll, blur, spray with water, blur, and mix. Remember to have a cloth on hand to help you remove the excess paint.

I went with the technique of starting from the bottom up with the darkest colors to the lightest. You can also do it the other way around from the top with darker colors and going down with the lightest, just have fun! Create your own wall of art, each stroke is different and each person who makes this project will have something unique and original.

Personalizing The Room

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

After completing this unique work of art, I had to put something beautiful in the room, like this mirror in the shape of a sunflower to complete the wall. The natural wood frame is another autumn color. The center of the sunflower is a mirror that amplifies the light entering through the windows.

Next, I wanted to make the floor cozier using a rug with a lot of texture and in a lighter color. I chose a size that left enough space to easily open the door. I love that the neutral is not too flashy. The material is fabulous in woven jute, a natural fiber that contributes much to the decoration, to achieve a more comfortable and warm style.

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

It’s indisputable how important the bed is in the room! It must be comfortable and inviting to rest. I changed the cold metal bed for a more elegant one that had a combination of wood with a padded headboard. The bed has a mid-century modern style — simple, almost minimalist. It does not compete with the decoration of the room. On the contrary, it is the perfect balance in color, texture and design.

The bedding should do this beautiful bed justice, so I opted for the ivory white color. The details of the embroidered lines and the folds created more textures, and I love that the fabric is soft and easy to wash. It’s impossible to go wrong with this bohemian chic style of bedding.

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

Picking the Perfect Accents

I layered in some of the colors in the room in the cushions and pillows. The design of the tassels, geometric and abstract figures are characteristic details of the bohemian style decoration.

It didn’t take me long to decide on these nightstands. The style is a mixture of mid-century modern due to the shape of the legs, so the touch of rattan on the drawer panels adds to the bohemian style. It is a perfect combination with the details in gold.

It’s always a good idea to have extra storage space, so I added a small shelf near the entrance of the room since I didn’t have space to put a larger piece of furniture. A shelf or ladder allows you to take advantage of storage in a functional and decorative way.

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

Adding The Finishing Touches

I mixed things that I already had with other beautiful accessories from The Home Depot. Placing elements such as blankets, in different colors and designs, more cushions, a mix of real and artificial plants in a space allows you to create an environment that invites you to rest and relax. I love getting my succulents from The Home Depot. They offer a variety and I was even able to find some that had the sample color palette that I used in my guest bedroom.

What stole the show on the shelf is this vintage style Jukebox! The Home Depot has many styles of these treasures, and the price is amazing. I had to have this beauty in my home, which plays vinyl, cd and regular radio. The design goes well with the style of the room. There were years where I didn’t listen to music in the old fashioned way, so it’s nice to have this jukebox and remember the best time of music!

In addition, I added a basket to place towels and water for when guests come to the visit. Now imagine the joy when I found the perfect chair for the corner. It came assembled and in perfect condition! An exquisite combination of leather and wood, the design is woven and light. But also solid and great to combine with other decorations. The chair is spacious and very comfortable, but still elegant with a lot of style.

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

Adding Additional Seating Space and Light

If you’re looking for additional seating in your space, you can also buy an ottoman instead of another chair. I love how functional it can be as an extra seat, side table or resting area. It can be carried from one side of the room to the other. Plus the design blends perfectly with the vibes of the room and the size is just right. The fabric is resistant but feels soft to the touch.

The Home Depot has many beautiful lamps. This one captivated me with it’s arc-shaped design and the combination of gold with marble. The lamp is adjustable and can be extended and folded as needed.  I chose this beautiful and elegant lamp in gold and black with bulbs finished in the balloon shape. It adds a spectacular modern touch to the room. The different sources of lighting made my guest bedroom more inviting and warm. And best of all, the installation only took a few minutes.

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

The Finished Room

I am obsessed with this color palette! It made this space warm, beautiful and cozy. The comfort in this room does not sacrifice style.

Creating A Bohemian Chic Guest Bedroom For Fall 

Thank you very much Home Depot for making this magnificent change possible! Buying online and receiving everything at my door was a good and exciting experience!

The room is complete!

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