Creating a Spooky Carnival Porch Display for Halloween

Halloween is right around the corner, and what better way to celebrate the spookiest season than with some frightful decor! Marissa Ashcraft of One CrafDIY Girl was able to transform her front porch into a sight her neighbors will never forget, while participating in The Home Depot’s Halloween Style Challenge. With decor from The Home Depot, Marissa stepped outside the box and created her own version of a carnival with clowns, skeletons and more.

Creating a Spooky Carnival Porch Display for Halloween

As soon as the clock strikes September, I start feeling the Halloween spirit in the air. Since this infamous night of trickery looks a little different this year, it’s time to get extra creative with the festivities. I’m a DIY-er at heart, so when The Home Depot reached out to me to participate in their Halloween Style Challenge with their new clown decor, I knew I had to create something extra spooky.

Creating a Spooky Carnival Porch Display for Halloween

Creating the Carnival

When it comes to Halloween, I love to go big. I do not have a home of my own just yet, so traveling back to my roots and decorating my parents’ house for Halloween is one of my favorite traditions. Growing up, I remember the ‘theme’ of each house in our neighborhood year after year, and loved the tradition of going back to see how they added to their display.

When The Home Depot asked to take on the theme of clowns – I was a little wary. After all, clowns are scary. However, what is better than a carnival – especially on Halloween? To create the entrance, I created this homemade sign with cardboard and spray paint. By creating a little punny sign and setting up this towering 6 ft clown, trick-or-treaters can experience the fun of what’s to come when walking down to your porch!

Creating a Spooky Carnival Porch Display for Halloween

Creating an Experience

Halloween shouldn’t only be a time to stock up on sweet treats, but also a time for fun, interactive experiences. I love that this clown, as well these clown lawn lights, are motion activated. When the trick-or-treaters walk down the path they are greeted by a spooky surprise. The teeth on these lights rattle and giggle into the chilly night air as Mr. Clown greets you upon entering!

When setting up this display, we also attracted some attention from the neighbor. Who, upon hearing the clown’s booming voice, came over to give him a high five!

Creating a Spooky Carnival Porch Display for Halloween

Include a Few Fun Games

If you have a larger yard space, setting up games would be a magical addition. For example, setting up ring toss or cornhole would be a great way to create an interactive, fun experience. Additionally, this is a great way to decrease the fear factor for friends who may be a little scared. The best part? After completing the game you are given a delicious prize!

Utilize Reusable Decor

I love creating a new display for Halloween every year. I know these skeletons, who are dressed up for the spooky carnival, will be a staple in my decor every year. My mom and I are even brainstorming some fun ways to dress these boney friends up for her Zoom classes (she is a teacher) in order to inspire some classroom fun!

I also love using decor that I can utilize after the season is over. For example, these patio lights are great for creating the perfect ambience on your patio or adding to your winter holiday display. Additionally, the curtains are made from two drop cloths. We plan to use them for curtains since the material has a great drape and durability. The rich texture also makes them the perfect addition to any farmhouse theme.

Creating a Spooky Carnival Porch Display for Halloween

Porch Decor After Dark

Make the decor entertaining in all types of lighting. While this spooky carnival display is definitely eye catching in the light of day, it gets even spookier when the sun goes down. All of these products – the clown, the lights, and the skeletons – illuminate in the night. Walking down the driveway to collect your candy has never been a cooler experience! 

Creating a Spooky Carnival Porch Display for Halloween

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