Desperate for more kitchen storage?

By Larry Bilotti for Home Sweet Solutions

What if you could have an additional cabinet for kitchen storage? Would you be interested? Of course you would. Well, for many homeowners, this dream can be a reality by installing a wall-mounted or ceiling-hung pot rack. It will not only free up the cabinet where you now keep your pots and pans, but also make cooking more convenient by having everything visible and at the ready. Installing a pot rack is an easy do-it-yourself project, in most cases requiring only basic tools and skills.

Before you purchase a pot rack, there are two things to consider: where it will be installed and how it will be hung. If your kitchen has a center island or peninsula and sufficient ceiling height, consider mounting the unit over it. If there is no central location but ample wall space, a wall-mounted pot rack will be more suitable. Since the pot rack needs to be anchored directly into wall studs or ceiling joists, be sure to determine where beams are located before purchasing the rack. This information will be invaluable when shopping and make installation that much easier.

Pot rack (complete with hanging hardware)
Stud finder
Measuring tape
Power drill and bits


1. Determine the location for your pot rack.
Before you begin installing the pot rack, be sure to read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. If it does not come with a hanging template, place the rack on a piece of cardboard and mark where the anchoring screws need to go. Determine where it will be best suited in your kitchen. Locate the wall or ceiling beams with a stud finder and align the template holes to the studs or joists. If you are installing a ceiling-hung pot rack, you will need to make certain that it is square and centered over the island. You can determine the island’s center by taking measurements from wall to wall. (Note: If the screws do not line up for a ceiling mount and you have access to the ceiling from an attic above, you can add 2 X 4-inch crossbeams between the joists.)

2. Install the mounting screws.
Once you have determined the location for your pot rack, mark the placement for screws. Using a power drill and bit slightly smaller than the anchoring screws or hooks, create starter holes. Position the wall-mounted pot rack to the wall and secure the screws into the studs with a screwdriver. For a ceiling mount, you will more than likely need to use pliers to screw the hooks flush to the ceiling and deep into the joists.

3. Hang the pot rack.
If you are hanging a ceiling-mounted pot rack, lift the unit into place. (Be sure to recruit an assistant for help.) Attach it to the ceiling hooks with the chains or hanging hardware provided. If the drop is adjustable, follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to lengthen or shorten the distance from the ceiling. Make sure the unit is sound and secure. Now hang your pots and reclaim that cabinet space!

Larry Bilotti has an extensive background in DIY home improvements and home maintenance, not only from his years as executive editor of Country Living magazine, but from personal hands-on experience restoring his Catskills, N.Y., retreat — Trout House. Larry’s articles have previously appeared in Home Sweet Solutions.

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