Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Check out this effortless, festive outdoor Holiday look by Laura Tusken of Inspiration for Moms. This quick, easy and low-budget outdoor home decor will have your home lighting up the block.

One of my favorite Christmas childhood memories is driving around town to look at the homes decked out in Christmas lights. My dad, mom, sisters and I would all pile into the car and our first stop was always for some warm hot chocolate. Then, we would drive all over town looking for the best outdoor Christmas decorations. Sometimes, we would get lucky and find a whole block of houses with tons of twinkling lights.

I remember thinking back then, when I grow up and get a house, I’m going to decorate it with all the lights! So when The Home Depot reached out to me again this year and asked if I would like to participate in the 2019 Holiday Style Challenge, of course I said yes! The Home Depot has all the outdoor Christmas decorations I need to make our home completely festive for the holidays!

Winter Wonderland

If you are looking for creative ways to get your home festive with some fabulous outdoor Christmas decorations, I have a ton of ideas! Here’s my Christmas porch all ready for the holiday season with an added bonus this year. Mother nature joined in on the decorating and gave our home over 19 inches of fresh snow. It’s like a winter wonderland now!

Decorating our front porch for Christmas has always been one of my favorite activities. Every year, I decide to do something completely different, and I always love the finished look.

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

To keep the whole decorating process simple, I stick with a three step process. So, let’s break it down.

1. Pick Your Festive Color

This year I decided to stick with a pretty neutral color palette. I wanted greenery to be the focus with just a few touches of red and plaid scattered throughout the outdoor Christmas decor.

When I spotted this red braided outdoor area rug, I knew it would be perfect for our front door. I layered it on top of a neutral black and white striped rug. It’s a super fun combination – love it!

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Next to the front step rugs, I created two outdoor Christmas planters. I filled the large planters with dirt and then added a red battery operated lantern in the center of each. Then, I inserted some fresh cedar and pine greenery all around the lanterns.

The greenery is really the star of the planters with the lanterns providing a nice red accent. The soft glow they give at night is a perfect way to flank the front door step in style.

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

2. Go Big with A Focal Point

Our porch has a special addition this year with this gorgeous pre-lit lightly flocked Christmas tree. It was so lovely just by itself, but I didn’t want to keep it totally bare. So I added a few red berry twigs here and there. It was just another way to incorporate that hint of red accent color once again.

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The corner right next to the door was the perfect place to set it up. It lights up the corner at night beautifully, and it’s right by the door to welcome our holiday guests!

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

But that’s not the only tree on our porch! I went big with another mini porch tree placed by our side chair. Can an outdoor porch have too many Christmas trees? I think not!

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The other side of the porch seating area got a festive addition with some fun red and plaid pillows. Toss a soft cozy throw on that seating bench, and you have a great place to sit and view the winter wonderland yard.

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

3. Add all the Twinkle

The front of our house needed some Christmas decor as well, so I simply added two artificial wreaths right on top of our sconce lights. These wreaths are so pretty! I love the plaid ribbon and extra additions of pine cones and berries. They compliment the porch so well!

Plus, these wreaths come with 50 battery-operated lights. So you know what that means? No cords!

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

The corner flocked Christmas tree definitely lights up the porch. But I just couldn’t stop there. I had to add a snowflake or two! These clear snowflake lights continue the glow from the tree to the rest of the front porch.

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

To complete the whole lighted look, my hubby and I added some warm led lights around the upper and lower edges of the house. This is the very first year we have ever added lights all the way to the very top of the house. I’m so grateful that my hubby was willing to get on the roof for me to make these outdoor Christmas decorations monumental!

Festive Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Now all that is left for me to do is get the inside of the house just as decked out as the outside!

I hope these tips gave you some new creative ways to decorate your outdoors for the Christmas holiday! No matter how simple or elaborate you decorate your home this Christmas, remember the best part of the holidays are the treasured memories you will make with family and friends. Merry Christmas to you!

For more Christmas decorating inspiration, check out the Holiday Style Challenge series on The Home Depot blog.

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