Four simple tips for designing an on-trend home for 2014

(BPT) – The new year will usher in a new era of home decor by welcoming an “anything goes” attitude as designers mix old with new; DIY and high-end; as well as rustic and sleek to create eclectic, one-of-a-kind looks that are just as personal to the homeowner as they are unique.

“We’re seeing a lot of flexibility in the way people approach design throughout their homes; a trend we think will continue to grow in the coming year,” says Judd Lord, lead industrial designer for Delta Faucet Company. “People are learning that high-end design doesn’t always equate to perfectly matched pieces. In fact, many well-appointed homes achieve a seamless look by employing a variety of design principles and influences.”

While achieving this aesthetic may seem incredibly simple, it can be easy to go overboard when blending multiple patterns, accents and colors all under one roof. Follow these simple tips to create a well-appointed home.

Incorporate the “new” neutral

Tranquil tones – especially white – offer a timeless backdrop against pops of vibrant colors and eclectic furnishings to create a space that’s visually interesting without being overwhelming.

In the kitchen, glass front appliances in a cool white finish are especially prevalent in niche, high-end markets, but you can also achieve this look by having walls and cabinets painted or refinished in a variation of this hue. Installing creamy white fixtures can also help bring this aesthetic home in a different way.

The contemporary Brizo Solna kitchen faucet is offered in a soothing matte white finish and also incorporates SmartTouch Technology, allowing the faucet to be turned on and off with a simple tap of the hand, wrist or forearm, to better assist you in the kitchen while also helping to keep your faucet looking clean.

Keep your technology in-check

Speaking of technology, innovation has infiltrated nearly every area of the home. Add smart features in areas that work best for your family, while being sure to keep things simple in parts of the home where technology may not always be desired.

An electronic thermostat, like the Nest thermostat, which can be operated remotely outside of the home and gets to know your family’s unique heating and cooling preferences, can help increase your home’s overall efficiency. Conversely, other high-tech gadgets, such as an umbrella dryer, may not be as practical for everyone.

Be selective in what you choose to bring into your home and focus on investing in tools/appliances that will benefit the whole family to help keep your space from feeling too cluttered or messy.

Punctuate your space sparingly

With neutrals expected to dominate the color landscape, there’s a growing interest in incorporating bold patterns throughout the home, whether isolated on an area rug or highlighted in the tiles on your kitchen backsplash. Bold accent colors, such as skydiver blue, lemon zest and even stark black are also becoming more prominent and will add intrigue to muted palettes.

Be selective in what elements you want to stand out and incorporate patterns and bright colors sparingly to add visual interest and depth. A beautiful herringbone pattern in your wood floor, for example, could be lost if you choose to cover it with an extremely lively area rug.

Add timeless glamor with metallic accents

While pulling inspiration for your home from the pages of today’s magazines will help ensure your decor is on trend, also consider building in some timeless accents to help ensure your space is designed to last.

Unlike specific fabrics, colors or wood stains, metallic fixtures and accents will remain stylish through multiple generations. Chrome is currently the most popular finish, however, brass and gold can help enhance a home’s warmth. Experiment with a variety of brushed, polished and distressed finishes to find the style you like best, and remember, it’s OK – and even desired –  to mix and match metals within the same room.