Haven’t you always wanted a high-end bidet? Here’s what to look for

(BPT) – There’s no shortage of choices when it comes to bidet toilets. If you’re someone who insists on having the best, here’s a tidbit to simplify your search: The evolution of the bidet largely occurred in Japan. Though the French get credit for inventing the bidet, it was actually Japanese innovation that reshaped the bidet experience into a must-have luxury.

The reinvented bidet seat started off by delivering a jet of precisely aimed, warmed water — a big improvement over the traditional model, and so the fixture quickly became mainstream in Japanese homes and businesses. But the innovation did not end there. Year after year, bidet seats got even better, with a focus on bringing people-centered design to the bathroom, with features that enhance comfort and add convenience.

The good news is you can bring the latest envelope-pushing bidet toilet design into your home. The following will highlight some of the best-in-class features to look for as you shop around.

Spa-like features: The epitome of luxury is having your needs anticipated. The All-In-One Smart WASHLET+ created by the Japan-based company TOTO does not shy away from that. It not only warms the seat and lets you adjust the water temperature and spray, you can also program your own memory setting so when you sit down, everything works exactly how you like it. In addition, it gives you hands-free flushing, automatic open/close lids and an air deodorizer.

Design-forward look: When it comes to achieving an aesthetic that fits your bathroom, one option is a skirted design, and that’s something you can find in high-end bidet toilets. It does away with the usual nooks and crannies at the base, giving your bathroom a more pulled-together, polished look (and fewer places for dust to hide). Or how about a wall-mounted toilet? It looks absolutely sleek and modern, and it’s a design that’s especially well-suited for small bathrooms.

Innovative cleaning: How often does technology eliminate your cleaning tasks? The WASHLET+ by TOTO has a CLEAN SYNERGY system that helps you maintain a sparkling bowl for longer. First, a special nano-technology bowl glaze seals the porcelain with an ionized barrier that repels matter, mold and other gunk. After every use, the DYNAMAX TORNADO FLUSH System cleans every inch of the rimless bowl. Finally, its misting feature uses EWATER+ to keep the bowl and the wand clean without using chemicals or cleaning agents.

Streamlined connections: As desirable as the features of a modern bidet toilet, the last thing you want are protruding water and electrical supply connections marring the look of your bathroom. A high-quality bidet uses a seamless design that conceals unsightly cords and tubes, keeping everything looking tidy and in-place.

TOTO is a century-old global brand and the creators of WASHLET+ innovation that improves personal care with high-performing technology. Learn more by visiting WASHLET.com.