Holiday Greenery on Display in Our Entryway

Looking to spruce up your entryway for the holidays? Amanda Fontenot of Amanda Fontenot Blog was able to revamp her front entryway for the holidays with some help from The Home Depot. Check out her blog post below for tips and tricks on adding holiday decor to your space — inside and out! 

I absolutely love the holidays – who doesn’t! So when The Home Depot asked me to be a part of their Holiday Style Challenge this year, I was ecstatic! My theme for this challenge is holiday greenery, which is perfect because trees, wreaths and garlands are exactly what our entryway needed.

We moved into our home last Spring, so we’ve only had one Christmas so far in this house. Last year, my focus was mainly on decorating our living room, so this year our front porch and foyer are being shown some love.

Planning and Shopping

When I sat down to plan where and how I’d decorate, I knew two things. One, I wanted to add some holiday cheer to the exterior of our home and two, I wanted to create an inviting scene that stayed true to my love of neutrals in our entryway. I easily achieved both goals thanks to the wide selection of quality, affordable products on The Home Depot’s website. To say the least, they have everything you need to decorate your home for the holidays! Also, as a mom of two with a newborn during a pandemic, the fact that I was able to have everything shipped directly to our door with contactless delivery made my life so much easier

Outdoor Holiday Decor

Holiday Greenery on Display in our Entryway

Want to hear something crazy? We’ve owned three different homes, but have never put up exterior decorations for the holidays. That ends this year. Since our front porch is very small and completely uncovered, I knew I wanted to keep things simple while using products that could stand up to the elements.

Enter this beautiful 7.5 ft LED angel standing proudly next to our front walk and a gorgeously full pre-lit wreath hanging on our front door. These were the perfect items for our home and I love the way they look – especially at night!

I tasked my husband with assembling the angel and was surprised at how quickly he had it set up and ready to go. The height of this display is truly impressive and makes the perfect statement piece for your front lawn or porch.

The wreath is battery-operated and just requires a few batteries and a quick fluff out of the box. Its 30-inch diameter is the perfect size for our front door, and I love that it has a few different settings, including a timer!

Potted Flocked Christmas Tree

Holiday Greenery on Display in our Entryway

It may seem funny to some, but one of the things I think about whenever we’re looking at a new home is how it’s going to look at the holidays. This home was no different. From the first showing we had here, I thought a potted Christmas tree would be the perfect addition to this corner. I never got around to adding one last year, so this year I made sure to include one! This one is the perfect size at 6.5 ft tall and about 40 in. wide. While you can certainly decorate it with ornaments if you’d like, I’m in love with the way it looks on its own.

Decorating Our Entryway Table

Holiday Greenery on Display in our Entryway

The small table in our entryway is one of my favorite spaces to decorate and, as one of the first things our guests see, one of the most important! I was able to achieve the look I was going for with a pre-lit 3 ft flocked Christmas tree and a beautiful white poinsettia arrangement. I love the look of this downswept tree and the height it adds to the table. It would also be such a great addition to a dining room sideboard or even a fireplace mantle! It looks so pretty lit up as well.

No entryway table is complete without a floral arrangement in my opinion and I absolutely fell in love with these pretty white poinsettias. They come ready to go in a sturdy ceramic vase and I think they add the perfect amount of holiday flair to this small space.

Banister-Ready Garland

Holiday Greenery on Display in our Entryway

Holiday Greenery on Display in our Entryway

What makes garland ready for a banister? A few things: battery-operated lights so you don’t have to worry about running cords around your stairs, realistic greenery and plenty of length. This garland checks all those boxes and the fact that its flocked had me swooning from the start. I was able to decorate our railings without any additional hooks, tape or accessories by simply tucking or wrapping the shapeable garland around the existing features and hardware. Voila!

The Perfect Wreath

Holiday Greenery on Display in our Entryway

This beautiful 36 in. flocked wreath is battery-operated and comes equipped with a timer. It’s the perfect addition to your front door, windows or even above your mantle! I plan to use it as-is, but it would also make the perfect base wreath for additional picks, ornaments and figurines.

Neutral Accent Items

Holiday Greenery on Display in our Entryway

I wanted to make our foyer look and feel a little extra cozy. So, I chose a couple of neutral accent items to decorate with. We usually keep a green plant in a basket on the floor, but for the holidays I’ll be removing the plant and replacing it with this insanely soft knitted blanket. This throw looks adorable in a basket, but would look equally as pretty draped across a sofa, comfy chair or even the foot of a bed!

Holiday Greenery on Display in our Entryway

I also chose this natural jute area rug to place under our front door and went with a large 4×6 size to add some nice texture to the space. I think a jute rug is the perfect statement piece for neutral lovers like me!

Holiday Greenery on Display in our Entryway

It was so much fun taking part in this year’s style challenge with The Home Depot! I hope this post provided you with some holiday greenery ideas and inspiration for decorating this holiday season!

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