Home cleaning tips you were afraid to ask about

(BPT) – Open the windows, ready the broom and get out the dust cloths — it’s time for some deep house cleaning! The benefits of a clean home go beyond simply eliminating clutter and dirt. The state of your home reflects your state of mind, and when your house is clean and organized, the whole family feels more positive and productive.

To-do’s like changing out linens, washing windows and mopping floors do take time, but they are pretty simple with a good attitude and a little elbow grease. Other tasks aren’t so rosy. As you’re cleaning your home, you may notice some unwelcome guests inside or outside of your property. The creepy, crawling kind that you’d rather not think about: ants, roaches and spiders.

Nobody wants to find roaches in the kitchen, ants in the garage or spiders overtaking the attic. These bugs can be invasive, and some species have a nasty bite for kids and pets, not to mention the ability to damage — or even destroy — a home.

Fortunately, there are a few smart steps you can take to manage pest problems and help prevent issues from happening in the future:

Step 1: Locate the problem

The first step is to find where ants, roaches, spiders and other pests are located and may be entering your home. Often this is around openings near windows and doors as well as electrical or plumbing. Ants and cockroaches in particular are often in the kitchen because they are looking for food and water.

Step 2: Use Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer

Spray hard surfaces where you’ve seen the pests with Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer, which kills listed insects in seconds and continues to work for up to three months*. Common locations to use this product include under the sink, at the base of cabinets, and seams of windows and doors. Be sure to spray around plumbing under the sink and in any crevices where pests could be hiding, such as along the baseboards. Avoid spraying surfaces that may contact food, like countertops. Always read and follow label instructions.

Step 3: Treat outside as well

Next, treat outside with Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer at seams and openings to your home where pests may enter. You can use this formula as a spot treatment to kill ants, cockroaches, spiders, Asian ladybeetles, stink bugs, palmetto bugs and waterbugs indoors and outdoors. This formula dries quickly without leaving behind an oily, sticky residue, making it easy to use.

Step 4: Prevent future pest issues

Hot Shot® Ant, Roach & Spider Killer works up to three months*, providing peace of mind. However, you can make a big difference by taking a few simple proactive measures. For example, do not leave food out and accessible to pests. Make a habit of cleaning up after cooking or eating, including crumbs and spills on the floor, countertops and stove. Next, look at openings to your home and research whether they should be sealed in a better manner. Caulk, for example, deteriorates over time, and a new caulk line is a simple, affordable solution that looks great and helps block access to the home for bugs.

Some home cleaning tasks are satisfying, and some are more cringeworthy. With the right approach and the right tools in your cleaning arsenal, you’ll tackle any issue with ease. To find more tips and tricks for controlling bugs, including effective pest-prevention products, visit www.hotshot.com.

*On non-porous surfaces; excluding spiders, fleas, and carpenter, pharaoh and fire ants