How to Choose the Perfect Dishwasher for your Home

In our busy home life we are always trying to find ways to expedite daily chores. A dishwasher is a luxury to some and a necessity for others. The ability to wash dishes in a shorter amount of time, without slaving at the kitchen sink can save time and your hands! If you are in the market for a dishwasher, the size of your kitchen, the amount of water you wish to consume and the aesthetics should be considered.  Read on to see how to choose the perfect dishwasher for your home.
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  • Determine how much space you have: The size of your kitchen and space for a dishwasher will dictate whether it is feasible for your household.  Dishwashers come in variable sizes for under counter full size model and compact, over the counter models. If you decide to get a full size model, it will need to be connected to a water line, usually adjacent to a sink.  While, a counter top model will also need to be connected to a water line and you will need space on the counter for it to be housed.
  • Do your homework: Appliance shopping requires homework specific to your household, budget, aesthetic style and end user satisfaction. Visit your local appliance store and shop online to arm yourself with information before purchasing. If you have a large family, consider buying an energy efficient full size dishwasher that will use less water and electricity than conventional ones. For smaller households, or if you don’t use a lot of dishes, consider buying a smaller model to suit your smaller capacity need.

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  • More amenities usually mean more cost: When shopping for dishwashers consider the amenities and the cost.  The more washing, rinsing, and soaking cycles, the higher the price will generally be. Remember, unless you are buying the top of the line dishwasher, the more amenities could mean more water consumption and electricity.  Extra features like sanitizing, high heat drying and time delay are feature that will be more expensive, but also could help you in your home.  The decision will be yours as to whether the amenities outweigh the budget increase.

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  • Two other types of dishwashers: A drawer dishwasher is also available that enables the user to wash a smaller amount of dishes in a drawer fashion.  Usually seen in higher end homes for their convenience and are usually placed in a kitchen that has a full size dishwasher as well.  Drawer dishwashers are a good choice for those who entertain a lot or want the versatility of doing smaller loads. The fourth style is a portable dishwasher. Called so because it can be moved from a corner and manually connected to the sink with a hose. This works best for small apartments that don’t already have plumbing installed for a dishwasher. These dishwashers are more compact than a full size dishwasher, and are good for those who relocate homes a lot.

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The choice of four different style dishwashers gives your home the ability to afford any type to fit your home.  Your budget, size of area in your kitchen and lifestyle can help you determine which you will choose. Dishwashers can help you make your home life easier and less hectic by adding an ‘extra set of hands’ and reduces the time you spend doing the dishes. Follow these tips to find the perfect dishwasher for your family and home.


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